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    Thanks for all the replies... Guys. Actually, mine ( the S&W 681PC ) is a 7-shooter, and I do carry speedloaders. If You haven't the opportunity to try the Hornady .357 Critical Defense loads, try 'em. They are the most accurate shooting rounds I have ever bought. I used to swear by the Winchester Silver Tips, until I shot these. Now I only carry the Hornadys. The only thing I have noticed with them is that for some odd reason, the Hornadys don't like moon clips. Don't really know why, and it really doesn't matter. I only used them at the range anyway. At any rate though, try the Critical Defense loads, I think You all will be impressed. Take care, all, and keep shootin' straight!!!

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    I'm completely with SC Tiger on all of this. It can be crap shoot on getting a weapon back regardless of whether the authorities have legal grounds or not. There was a "ruled justified" fatal self defence shooting in Grand Rapids 4 years ago where I know the attorney of the defendant and as recently as a month ago the guy was still waiting to get his 642 back from the cops.
    As far as collectable firearms go... many of them have sentimental as well as monetary value and it would be a tragedy to lose Grandpa's military service revolver if one got wrapped up in a firearm scuffle. S&W makes new M1917 repro's every day.
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