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    Quote Originally Posted by Buster04 View Post
    Trade it in on a ruger
    FYI: The OP was from December 7, 2010, so this issue should be solved by now (one hopes). It was clearly a reassembly error after detail stripping the gun, which is hard to do with a Glock in the first place. The Glock 36 is a 6+1 subcompact chambered in .45 ACP. To my knowledge, Ruger has only the 10+1 full-size SR 45.

  3. Thanks for the information, I was actually able to fix the problem before I saw your reply. The previous explanation and picture greatly helped. Thanks.

  4. thanks for the video. my glock 27 developed this problem at the range today and the video helped me fix it in 2 minutes.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by bofh View Post
    If the gun was correctly reassembled after a detail strip, the slide stop lever spring is below the locking block pin and pushes the slide stop lever down. If the gun was incorrectly reassembled, the spring is above the locking block pin and pushes the lever up. This can happen when the trigger housing (bottom) pin was put in before the locking block (top) pin.

    To fix this, you may have to punch out both pins to remove the slide stop lever. Punch out the trigger housing (bottom) pin first. If you can't remove the slide stop lever, punch out the locking block (top) pin. Then remove the slide stop lever and put the locking block (top) pin back in. Now, install the slide stop lever correctly with the spring below the locking block (top) pin and put the trigger housing (bottom) pin back in. Pretty simple.

    I realize this is a 7 year old thread, but like the more recent previous posts, I just registered to thank you for the pic and the link to the YT video. My G26 has never been stripped down to a level that involved the trigger or that lock lever/spring. So when it suddenly started locking in the home position, I assumed it had to be the new Lone Wolf threaded barrel, or the PTP Ranger suppressor I installed moments earlier. Alas, it had nothing to do with the suppressor or barrel. That lever spring had somehow worked itself to above the trigger pin.

    Thanks to the video, about 30 seconds after sitting at my coffee table, it was fixed.

    I bought this G26 new in 2007 - so it is now 10 years old. I have fired no more than 1000 rounds through it in that time, and while it's been cleaned regularly, it's never been disassembled beyond removing the slide, spring, and barrel.

    One thing that does concern me is in the video, the Glock armor has to use a punch and hammer to get the pin pushed out. I can literally slide mine back and forth with my fingernail. I've never had it slide out, or even go beyond flush on either side. So I don't understand how the spring could have moved above the pin.

    Murphy will have this happen again at the most inopportune time... Hopefully not when lives depend on it.

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