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Thread: Should Politics and Religion Be Banned?

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    One reason I don't post more on this site is because of the politics and religion. Politics regarding gun laws would be fine, but this is a gun forum, and there are plenty of other places to discuss the off topic stuff.

    I guess there are those who need to bring in every aspect of their life to this site, not realizing others may not want to see it, personally I'd rather the site just stick to guns. This place has been taken over by those posters. My biggest complaint would be the political conspiracists. That stuff gets so old. When you don't like the current administration but find yourself defending that they are not in league with a secret army of Venusians planning the overthrow of our country, makes one want to just give it all up.

    I do discuss religion and politics, but on another forum dedicated to that stuff. Meanwhile I'll go back to mostly lurking.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Glockster20 View Post
    We have believers and non-believers on this site... There are only a few non-believers that actually protest or get offended by any mention of God or Jesus.
    And might makes right. Majority rules. Ban the non-believing minority and turn over USACarry to the TurboChristians, because they're in the majority.

    I submit that it will be far easier for the Atheist community to make thoughtful and topical contributions for a week without a single reference to their Atheism than it will be for the HyperChristians to go a week without an appeal to god, a scripture quotation, or a claim of (dubious) higher moral foundation. That, to me, means the Atheists and other non-believers have the superior claim to polite discussion of the issues of the day here than the Holier-Than-Thou sects. If they want to go off and make their web forum for their purposes, then so be it.

    I do not, however, see how a gun forum has any hope of divorcing itself from political discussion. I can't imagine a single topic which could be started here that would not be touched by at least one law in at least one jurisdiction of a member. "Can I modify this model X handgun to add an ambidextrous safety?" "Well, over here in jurisdiction Y, there's law Z which makes it illegal to do any after market modifications to any firearm whatsoever." *sigh*

    I like the idea of going a week and seeing who can lay off religion more, the faithful or the faithless and decide on rule changes based on that result.

    For the record, I have no intention of ever discussing my sexuality on this forum, precisely because sexuality is not a topic of choice. If the other members never discussed their religion, I'd never have the remotest impulse to discuss mine. Proselytization is as proselytization does.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CathyInBlue View Post
    I do not, however, see how a gun forum has any hope of divorcing itself from political discussion.
    It's not rational political discussion of 2A, carry law and related matters. It's the incessant noise of sensationalized conspiracy, birthers, and extreme anti-government nonsense. You know, the sort of stuff you kinda have to "believe" in, because there's no factual basis for it.

    That would be problem WRT politics, IMHO.

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    Don't ban religion or politics. They are part of life, and as such, will enter into a topic once in a while. That's just naturalI would guess that most of us here are faith-based in our makeup. To ban Religion from a discussion, when it has a place there is once again, giving the FEW opponents of religion, a winning hand. This is a tactic of the political left, ans it has worked too many times Nationally already. Don't let it happen here as well. I don't want them to win here by bringing this up. If they don't like religion, a part of our Country's founding, them let them go.

    I am tired of the revisionist history that liberals are trying to write. Our Country was founded on free govt by religious men,and there are plenty of places religion is still practiced in our GOVT, even at the FEDERAL level. Prayer is used there too.

    You asked, so I will answer..and vote. If you ban GOD here, I am out of here. If you ban my free speech by not talking about a political issue as it relates to a gun topic, I am out of here. The forum will hold no interest to me under those conditions. Furthermore, I do not want to visit daily with folks that deny the existence of GOD, and want to ban my faith because of there thinking. I do not want to spend time with people that are oblivious to politics, when it affects so much of our lives. It's like sticking your head in the sand and pretending an issue isn't there. That's childish behavior, and I grew out of that about age 10.

    I don't think a thread should START with a Religious topic, or Political one either. There are other forums for that. But don't ban it when it comes up in discussion as a natural part of conversation.

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    Politics will allways be a major part of any 2A site so I don't know of any way to ban it and still have meaningful conversations unless you go straight to the Glock vs. XD and .40 vs. 9mm threads totally. Now religion is a different story unless you incorporate the theory of Obama that we cling to our religion and guns. My cousin posted on her facebook site last week that certain stories should be run though the bibilcal filter before being told. She was refering to the "Twilight" series of shows, whatever they are but I find that many "Bible Stories" should also be run through that same biblical filter.

    This is not a site for religious arguments and we should not be treating it as such. There are a few very active members that are direct opposites on the views of religion and seem to attempt to bring it into many different topics that it should not be part of. I am not for banning religious talk on this forum but this site is about guns, 2A and our rights and responsibilites with guns. It is not a church pulpit and should not be treated as such.

    I like this site as it is not so strict that everything has to be absolutely gun related. However I do not like the part that someone that happens to post something that some others do not agree with that they are personally attacked for their belief. There is a lot of anger and self-rightousness on this site that prevents cordial discussions of some issues and this is from both sides. There is also a lot of BS thrown around that has no meaning or usefullness in any discussion. As for the ignoring posts that are religous or political it is hard when almost every post winds up that way anymore.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Conservative Wife & Mom View Post
    "Mom's" 2 cents: I love USACarry just the way it is, Luke. There is a designated forum for "Politics" and anyone who doesn't want to participate can avoid it. As to discussions on religion or faith, it appears to me that, most who are against it, purposely participate in those threads, just to stir the pot. Unless one is a Muslim, the federal government is already infringing on our 1st Amendment rights. It is my sincere hope that USACarry will refuse to do the same.
    well said mom.
    Retired US Army Medic
    Proud Husband, Dad and Christian

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    My Father who is a very religious, and intelligent man told to me one day: There is a thin line we have to walk in this life. On one side you are branded this way, and on the other side you are branded that way. Which brand you choose depends on which side you are on, and a side can change in an instant with one wrong impression, word, or deed. If you're going to discuss Politics and Religion, at some point you have to leave the thin line you walk, and choose a side. Better to listen, observe, and keep your opinions to yourself while you listen to others...At least on these two topics. Every war can be traced back to some kind of Religion or Politics.
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    The above thread was in the Concealed Carry forum where is should have been but turned into a religion bashing political thread that should have been locked about 1/3 the way through it. These are the type threads that cause problems and there was no reason for it to get out of hand as it did. I don't know who other than Luke can lock threads but we need a few more so the site can be moderated a little better and threads closed quicker. The biggest problem is that when things do get out of hand they escalate rapidly. We do need a few more moderators to calm things down at times.

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    Option #1: "No, keep it how it is. We can discuss in a reasonable manner."

    Am I the only who sees the problem with this? You may consider all the prior BS leading up to this very thread as well as the question herein posted for all the proof you need to know this in not possible. Fanatics are not reasonable. Zealots are not reasonable. Bigots are not reasonable.

    Sorry, but it just doesn't work that way.

    Now if the choice was simply: "No, keep it how it is." I might be inclined to see that as "reasonable" choice for people who like engaging in that sort of nonsense. But it's obviously not. As CIB once remarked: "asked and answered."

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    I think the site is fine allowing open discussion on the subjects as is. It's only the very few, on both sides, that cause problems occasionally. If everyone would contribute to a discussion and refrain from name calling things would run much more smoothly. When you constantly call someone God hater or uber conservative religious zealots and contribute nothing more to the conversation that's where the problem is. When it comes to religion everyone has a right to believe or not to believe. The problem comes when someone tries to force their way on anyone. Personally, I'm a believer but not a follower of any organized religion. My beliefs are mine and you can have whatever beliefs you have, just don't try and remove any evidence of anything you don't believe in.

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