Crimson Trace vs Armalaser
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Thread: Crimson Trace vs Armalaser

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    Crimson Trace vs Armalaser

    I am considering adding a laser to my Ruger LCP. I have looked at both the Armalaser and Crimson Trace setups. To me it looks like the Armalaser might be a better setup in that it has a master on/off and doesn't place anything below my middle finger, plus it is cheaper. However I know CT has a really good reputation. Does anyone have experience with either of these and if so, which is a better setup?

    Also, how is the armalaser turned on (from a holster, not the master on/off)?


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    I use a CT It has a master on/ off but the manual says that it does not need to be turned off. The battery only drains when the finger switch is activated. have had it 1 1/2 year still original battery The nice thing about that is in the moment of need I aint finger fumbling a switch!

  4. CT Laser

    I have 5 CT lasers for 5 individual CCW guns I carry and rotate depending on garment,weather,etc. They function flawlessly with great accuracy and only when you apply pressure to the grip. They are lightweight and the batteries seem to last forever. My oldest CT's are 5 years old and still functioning on the same batteries. My last laser purchase came with a lifetime battery program. On the anniversary of my purchase(1yr) I call CT and they send me a new set of batteries....forever.Since I've never replaced any I could have quite a stockpile built up for use in any of them.Check the internet before you buy. There are many outlets who carry them and some of the prices are astounddinly low. I don/t know anything about Armalaser. No need to. CT is BEST.

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