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Thread: Today I found out my doctor carries

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    My doc also carries and my dentist gives me the lead foil left over from X-ray film so that I can cast bullets. Unfortunately, I live where they don't issue a carry license unless you are well connected.

    Back on mute.

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    My son lived next door to a doc. The doc had a shooting range in his backyard. My son and I used to go over there and shoot.


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    Brings a whole new meaning to "Just one shot."

    Seriously though, I think that is awesome. I know many doc's who have been mugged because the BG thought they had drugs on them. It should be a rule, when you get you Medical License you get a Carry Concealed License. Same for teachers.

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    My Drs wanting to get his! We always end up talking about it!

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    I have been involved in discussions with several groups considering the option of opening an indoor pistol range. The larger financial backers in two of these groups have been doctors. Unfortunately, the local city councils (2 different cities) haven't been too keen on the idea so far.

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    I'm a Doc that carries, though my staff are not aware I do. Had a few scary episodes in the clinic the last few years that convinced me it would be a good idea. My hospital also has a "BAN" on firearms, but many of the Docs just ignore it and carry anyways. And NO, I am not an AMA member. Can't stand those idiots!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ljenkmd View Post
    And NO, I am not an AMA member. Can't stand those idiots!!

    HA!! Glad to hear someone in your position say that. Also, welcome!! This is probably more suited for a PM, but maybe more want to know. Are you using something along the lines of an LCP or "pocket" pistol (I hate that term), or something different? Just curious.

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    Currently carrying a Kahr PM9, in a Crossbreed Microtuck IWB holster. Extra Mag in my left front pocket.

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    My longtime doctor left the practice a few months back... We talked about guns on a few occasions. I know he had a CCW permit and carried the Taurus PT145

  11. I think all docs and teachers should carry.

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