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Thread: CCW Holder shot by LVMPD - Justified?????

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kasper View Post
    WTF? He was shot to death/murdered by the police. I don't care how much money his family is asking for it will not bring their son back to life. What everyone needs to be asking is why they used deadly force instead of the Tazer that they carry. I can see using your gun if you are the only officer there but when you have three officers one of them could have pulled his Tazer while the other 2 had their guns pulled and pointed at him. Instead all we are getting is hear say from people. The store does have video cameras so for the video tape or hard drive with the video footage on it to not show up leads me to believe that the officers over reacted and murdered this man.

    As for the drugs in his system if you are taking any drugs that will impair your mental status you should know better and leave your gun in your car or at home, Or wait till the drugs leave your system before carrying your gun.
    Tazers don't work too well on people on drugs. Local case here with a druggie showed that. Not only did he shake off the Tazers he also broke free of the police dogs grip. He went under a house and was shot repeatedly with bean bag rounds. Only got him mad enought to yell out " Is that all you got cowboys?" FD came and turned a fire hose on him. That got him to give up as it was only 50F out at the time.

    A second case took two Tazers as the first set were ripped off by the suspect with his clothes. Bare skin is harder to get rid of them from.

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    If I'm a LEO responding to MWAG call, you better believe taser is the last thing I'm thinking when the SHTF.

    That woud be like bringing a knife to a gunfight.

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    Face it, those who have opined con-LEO are never changing their mind and those who opined pro-LEO probably will do the same, although I would have reversed my opinion if the more-criminal inquest had put some fault with the LEOs. I assume the civil case has yet to start but it will have no really full bearing on the truth (it is the nature of civil suits and conclusions by juries) and you know that the videos being asked for by the family, with reward, are as prevalent as the OJ videos, which that wonderful guy was willing to pay for. I, for one, am totally pro-LEOs on this one but am open to reason, which does not seem to exist in some of the more ridiculous and vicious anti-LEO statements made.

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    I am in a similar frame of mind on this as kelcarry. When I first heard about this I wondered how the police could screw up that bad. Then as I read some of the unbiased stories of what happened rather than those that just presented small snippets I started realizing that it wasn't so cut and dried. After reading two different detailed reports and viewpoints ofthe inquest I came to the determination that it was a good shoot and the father is much more worried about money than truth.

    Just for comparision this is a story today about an 18 year of that has been found guilty and sentenced to two consecutive life terms plus 80 years yet his mother is repeatedly proclaiming her son innocent.

    Teen convicted in 75-year-old Dillon woman's slaying | SCNOW

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    Yet another a$$hat. They should just issue these clowns full auto weapons. This would eliminate them from straining their fingers pulling the trigger so many times. He should receive taxpayer compensation for a strained index finger in this case. Four times to drop a homeless man armed with a three inch knife used for wood carving is total, off the chart unnecessary physical demands as far as trigger pulling in the line of duty. Full auto sears is the least we as a people could do to relieve these overworked public servants in this case! I mean for Christ's sake. If a man walks by a patrol car "armed" with a pocket knife, how can we expect a well intentioned public servant to do his duty, and gun him down if he has to pull the trigger for each and every single shot? Ridiculous. He could have at least pulled forward, rolled down his window, and ended his life from the comfort of his patrol car. But of course for that it would call for surpressed weapons, still yet more much needed taxpayer dollars. Bill T.

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    Yeah, you hate the police, Bill - we get it.

    Start a new thread next time. This one is over and you are starting to look ridiculous using it to express your indignation and kooky LEO obsession.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cocked _and_Locked View Post
    Yeah, you hate the police, Bill - we get it.

    Start a new thread next time. This one is over and you are starting to look ridiculous using it to express your indignation and kooky LEO obsession.
    So can we get back to discussing CCW Badges?

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    Quote Originally Posted by buddy View Post
    There are too many people testifying under oath against scott for anyone to not make a decision. If anyone wants the reason why the scott family is still pursuing this, read his fathers comments below

    ERIK SCOTT INQUEST: Shooting ruled justifiable - News -

    apparently, now the cops are not the real perps, costco is (bigger pockets always are)

    civil suit not looking good against the cops, but costco may settle for a big amount.
    Scott's post-mortem blood test showed high levels of the painkiller morphine and the anti-anxiety drug Xanax.

    Anyone on these drugs should NOT be carrying a firearm, driving a vehicle, etc. The young man served his country with honor and distinction. However, he made a very poor decision to go armed while on this medication. I pray for his family, his soul, and for the officers who had to shoot and kill him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pewbs View Post
    You are never going to have to use your firearm. Get over it GI JOE

    Another erroneous instance. Keep using one instance at a time as an example because if you put all 10 of these incidents in one post you have run out of examples.
    Sir, can you guarantee me that I will never need to defend myself....again?
    AHH! Coffee the elixir of life!
    Coffee the elixir of life!

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