Well, I shot my TCP this morning. The Taurus PT738 did not dissapoint. I put 100 rounds of a mix of Aguila JHP and Federal FMJ through it at about seven yards and it only had one FTF out of the 100 rounds. It wasn't a stove pipe, just was setting there, still in the magazine, with the slide partially forward. It ejected spent casings straight up and over my head, and they landed about six to eight feet directly behind me. Primer strikes looked solid and symetrical and the casing showed no signs of deformation or "pooching" out. My off hand accuracy was about two to three inch groups. I know, that is not bullseye accuracy, but it would get the job done for self defense purposes. I was using a standard B-27 target and my hits were in the "X" to 9 area. I am happy with the gun. The recoil was stout with the hotter JHP's, but the Federals were not bad at all. The gun did not bite my hand, like my P3-AT does, as the grips on the Taurus were smoother to the touch than the Kel Tec. Not much to the sights on this gun, but I could see them better than my Kel Tec. Hits were pretty much to point of aim. I was out with my wife and daughter later in the day and carried the gun in the provided "PDA" style carrier and nobody seemed to know the difference! I was standing there talking to a city cop, while waiting for my wife and daughter to come out of some store, and he never even batted an eye. I like this gun and the carrying case that it comes with. Oh, the gun comes with two magazines too! Sweet. I give it two thumbs up.