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Thread: Is it safe for the hammer to be cocked?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ektarr View Post
    Actually, I believe that a 1911 is designed to be safely carried cocked and unlocked due to the presence of the grip safety...the pistol "can't" shoot unless the shooter has a proper grip. DO, however, make it a practice to keep your finger out of the trigger guard until you're ready to let loose!

    I put "can't" in quotes because you always have to allow room for the lowest common denominator - the schmeckle who'll figure out a way to put a .45 caliber hole in his own leg despite all safeties.

    Don't know much about the pistol in question - anything, actually - but I do know the 1911.
    I agree with all of the replies to the OP.

    I JUST HAD TO comment on the use of "schmeckle" in the proper context with the proper spelling. I have used the word for 25 years and always get the "doy" look. Since you have a grasp of the word, I think you would agree it would be a "schmecklette" who could compromise the
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  3. Quote Originally Posted by tattedupboy View Post
    Hello, fellow gun owners! Long time no see! Miss me?

    Anyway, I'm posting this thread because I need a question answered. I just discovered that Blackhawk makes a Serpa holster for the Ruger P95, which happens to be one of my 2 primary carry guns today. Normally, I carry IWB with the safety off (the safety is too difficult to disengage with my thumb, and besides, the double action of the first trigger pull is safety enough). I like how the gun fits in the Serpa holster and plan to carry the P95 in it, also with the safety off. I'm contemplating carrying not just with the safety off, but also with the hammer cocked. My question is, is this safe? I want to believe it is, because as long as it's tightly holstered, nothing is coming in contact with the trigger. Am I right? Or should I just leave the hammer uncocked? Any and all advice is welcome.
    I don't advise that unless your on a range and getting ready to shoot, with modern firearms most have the transfer bar to improve the safety factor and ( it may be possible in the half cocked position it may fire key word being MAY ) that allows for one in the tube/pipe , even some would say that is unsafe also but I'm from the school that believes in being ready. My Beretta and Bersa both have the decock feature for extra safety and they are easily switched back to fire before the weapon leaves the holster ( they do operate opposite of each other, one decocks in upwards motion Beretta, the bersa decocks in a downward motion ) so knowing what weapon you have plays a large part.

  4. If you have to ask the question, you should not carry that way. Only carry a way you are 100% comfortable with.

    Thanks Pop

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    Quote Originally Posted by theicemanmpls View Post
    The P series are short recoil-operated, locked breech semi-automatic pistols. They utilize a SIG P220 type locking system, and a 1911 style tilting barrel. The P series were made with a traditional double action/single action (DA/SA), or double action only (DAO) trigger mechanism.
    Unfortunately, there are exceptions to every rule. The P238 is SAO so I carry it with the hammer cocked and the safety on.

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    My close friend worked on a surveillance with his partner. (Son of a world renowned comedian) and the guy fell asleep, woke up to find his gun had discharged in his holster and shot himself in the leg. Not only would I never leave a gun cocked, but I never keep a round in the chamber either. But that's JMO.
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    Years ago I sold my Auto's, I don't like safety's and will not carry ANY GUN cocked. I prefer Revolvers but today I do like the DA Auto's. Also people that change their Gun as often as they change their Cloths can't possibly be Properly prepared for an incident.

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    Quote Originally Posted by oldbanjo View Post
    Also people that change their Gun as often as they change their Cloths can't possibly be Properly prepared for an incident.
    I agree with Banjo 100%. Many martial arts teach muscle memory. Unless you are well versed with every pistol you own, stick to one or two that become an extension of yourself. You should be able to chamber a round and take the safety off standing on your head in a bucket of water in a fraction of a second.

    You can run... but you'll just die tired. 3%

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