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    Quote Originally Posted by njsportsman View Post
    I totally agree with you but, I am far from a moonbat. have to admit I had to look up moonbat never heard of that term before. Matter of fact I am originally from Pennsylvania. That said it's screwed up here. New Jersey, DC, most of the New Englans States. PA is where I am going hopfully very soon.
    Nah man... I realize not everybody in the Northeast is a moonbat. It's just that their numbers seem to be concentrated there. They outnumber the pro 2A conservative types such as ourselves... We have some true patriots here at USAcarry that are from the Northeast.

  3. weapons are just tools they are not good or bad, they are for a purpose.

    If you give a hammer to a five year old, what do you expect he is going to do?

    Let a fool have a gun, what should we expect it would happen?
    There is where the problem lies, also the solution:

    Training, training, training.

    Now guns are not hammers bu they will sure put the last nail on lots of coffins.

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