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    New SnapSafe

    Hi all, I am currently looking at a new gun safe. Being military I always think about how easy something is to move prior to purchase. I have came across a gun safe that claims to be fire protected and claims extreme durability. The brand is Snapsafe. It is delivered to your home in a few flat boxes and then you assemble it where ever you want your safe to be. I am not sure how many people have heard of the safe but am wondering if anyone has any experience with it or heard any bad reviews. I am not worried too much about the assembly as I think I can figure that out. any ways any information anyone has on it would be appreciated.

    heres the link for the site with their store and there is also a video on how it assembles.

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    Umm, you're missing the link, no?
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    Snap Safe web site

    The web site for SnapSafe is

    The ease of movement certainly is a novel idea. As long as the safe is bolted in place (floor), then it should provide you with fairly decent security for your weapons and valuables. As a former firefighter, have concern regarding the ability of the joints on this safe to provide adequate protection from heat impingement via convected heat. The video does not show any type of seal between the various sides when you place them together and the web site does not provide any additional information regarding this. The company does state that they meet "California protection specifications" in regards to fire.

    All in all, for a military person, who must move much more often than the rest of the population, this seems like a viable product to provide a modicum of security for your valuables. It all comes down to whether you feel better with a safe that is welded (or formed) or one that slips together with pins and aluminum latches.

    Wish I had more info for you. I'm sure you have already reviewed all of this. Good luck, and THANKS for your service to our country.

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