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Thread: Revolver or Semi-Automatic

  1. Fanny packs are great places to conceal since no one takes a guy or girl with a fanny pack seriously.

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    Personally I prefer a semi-auto, I am not a big guy but I can conceal a large frame Glock 22 without a problem on the hip (watch out for obnoxious holsters). I have tried the small frame S&W in training (I don't own one) they are quite nice for pocket concealment but I would most assurly go hammerless if I were to cary a revolver on a regular bassis othewise the hammers tend to catch clothing and pocket liners, some may dissagree but thats just me.

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    Hey, I don't care what you are wearing - just so long as you are wearing one, so the two of us live to tell about it.

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    Daily Carry

    In warmer months I carry a Kel-Tec P11 in a Galco Pro460 pocket holster. No printing and I have 21 rounds of 9mm at the ready (one extra mag in the other pocket). In colder months, I can wear a light fleece or flannel jacket and I carry one of my 1911's, usually the Taurus with two Wilson Combat 8-round mags aboard for a total of 17 rounds. The holster is an IWB Galco RG212, Royal Guard. I absolutely love this holster!

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    Revolver or semi-auto?

    I carry a Ruger 380 for now, but have recently held a new lightweight revolver for concealed carry: no hammer, no bulk, no weight. Comes with laser or without. When the time is right, I'll be getting one of the ones with out the laser. I loved this gun. The Ruger LCR .38 or .357 mag.

    My name is Pam, and I am new, so hello to everyone. I prefer a revolver because it is hard for me to rack the .380. but once I have it done, it is what I carry the most, esp when I walk my dogs at night. Which what I have to do now.

    So good night, and sweet dreams. May everyone have a blessing filled week ahead.


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