Revolver or Semi-Automatic

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Thread: Revolver or Semi-Automatic

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    Revolver or Semi-Automatic

    For your everyday carry, do you prefer a revolver or semi-automatic?

  3. Ummm. Both?

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    Ah,,, The 6 Shooter is a tad tough to conceal...
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    My daily carry is a semi-auto but I will admit there is just something sexy as hell about a revolver...
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    I am a recent convert.

    I had been carrying a full size series 70 but some hip trouble forced me to downsize.
    I bought a PPK/S & like it just fine but on a whim I drug out a S&W 649 that had been a safe queen for years. It was originally bought to go in a ankle holster but as it turned out ankle holsters bug me so I never used it. Anyway I shot it a little & REALLY liked the ergonomics of it, the realiability (my PPK has yet to jam but I garantee the 649 wont! ) and the accuracy of it (it shoots like a 4" barrel, not a 1 1/2). Consequently the 649 has been going with me everywhere ever since.
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  7. Whenever possible, Kimber CDP, but always,always,always S&W J2" .38.

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    51 years with the 1911's, the only change is from the old Govt.Mdl. .45 to a Commander LWT .38Super. Always there when wanted and always works.

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    Nowadays I prefer a pistol over a revolver mainly because of the difference in ammo capacity. 5 or 6 rounds in a revolver compared to 8 up to 17 rounds in a pistol is quite a change. But it really comes down to personal preference and many prefer wheel guns.

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    I have both but prefer revolver for everyday carry, much easier to conceal.
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    Colt doesn't make a 1911 revolver

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