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Thread: Looking for a small carry weapon...HELP

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    I currently have a Glock 26 but it is a tad big to me, maybe I am using the wrong holster or something but it is hard to conceal well with it inside the waist band (my preferred place to carry). I always have to put it in a pocket. I went to look at a S&W bodygaurd 380 but with it in a holster the laser kept turing on so that gun was a no go.... I really like that gun. What else is there out there in the same size as that gun that is AT LEAST a .380 semi? Top range of spending is $750ish but I don't HAVE to spend that much lol.

    Anyone have the BG380 with a inside the waist band holster that got it to work????

    Try a Kholster for either one of them. Cheaper than buying a new gun (unless you WANT a new gun:)) IWB and very comfortable. I can carry my Sig 239 and always carry a XD .40 SC and Ruger LCP. I forget they are there.

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    If you want a .380, look at the Ruger LCP. It is a proven design (it's been out a few years and let's face it, they copied the Kel-Tec) and have a solid reputation. Speaking of the Kel-tec it would be another good option, and I keep hearing good about the Taurus TCP. Kahr has a .380 out as well that's very nice as well.

    I have a former LEO friend who carries a Beretta Tomcat in .22 LR. He says aim for the gut and even if you don't kill the BG you'll put him in so much pain he'll stop coming.

    I also have a PM9 that has been great so far, and is scarily accurate. It's a little big for full time pocket carry for me (5'7", 210 lbs, muscular build) but I carry it OWB and it disappears below just about any cover garmet. They also have a cheaper version that is a little bigger (CW9 I think) but not thicker.

    I also know a few people who carry the Browning Hi-Power IWB. The gun has a fat grip but the barrel/slide area is quite thin so it carries better than you would think.

  4. After looking around and checking out a few of my selections I went with a Sig P238. I am very happy with it! Thank you everyone for your replies and suggestions.

    I think I am going to keep the Glock also and try out a skyops holster for better concealment and comfort, I am also going to look into that kholster. If I am comfortable I will probably carry both weapons.

  5. a Kahr PM9 will easily fit your proclaimed budget for a SMALL carry pistol. Fantastic shooter, not snappy at all. I'd also suggest the other two Kahrs I have, the CW9 and CW45, but you said SMALL. Mine have run flawlessly, no issues at all. Good luck in your search.

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    Love my XD9.....its a service 4" so maybe a little big for what you are looking for, but look at the sub-compact 3"! It's been a flawless performer for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pewbs View Post
    I don't think getting shot makes someone mad. I think it makes them dead.
    Hummm.... Theory or reality? Can we test?

    You can give peace a chance alright..

    I'll seek cover in case it goes badly..

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    Quote Originally Posted by 6shootercarry View Post
    Hummm.... Theory or reality? Can we test?

    I don't think that is funny at all six.

    There is nothing amusing what so ever about being shot.

    IMO, this is most inappropriate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pewbs View Post
    I don't think getting shot makes someone mad. I think it makes them dead.
    Tell that to the BG hopped up on some drug and the LEO who was killed because all he had was a 38. This has happened several times in the past and is the main reason for the move to 9mm or 40S&W. However, the carry weapon of choice should be one that a person is comfortable with. A .380 is better than no defense at all.

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    hmm dare i venture to suggest a Kelt-tec P-11?

  11. I did look at a Khar .40 and a few other Khars but did not like it.... I have found a second weapon, I posted it up. I don't know if everyone seen it.

    I think a .380 is plenty enough to stop/kill any attacker..... A few hydroshock hollow points to the liver and they probably going to bleed out before help gets there...... Collapse both their lungs and they would probably be more worried about breathing than you. I just hope I never have to test that theory. I would much rather get away using other means than using a gun. If the situation calls for it though I wouldn't think twice about it......

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