Trigger Pull And Finger Placement
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Thread: Trigger Pull And Finger Placement

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    Trigger Pull And Finger Placement

    I have seen quite a few posts concerning shooting high or low, to the left or right. Of course one of the first things to look at is how you're sighting the target. I believe another primary concern is finger placement and trigger pull. Some believe that the index finger pad is the best position and I tend to disagree. I have found that the separating line between the first and second pads ( I guess it's called the power crease by some and the distal joint of the finger on the palmar side by professionals) gives a straighter more even pull, especially on longer pull firearms. Give it a try and see what you think. Any other points or suggestions to help?

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    Because my trigger finger is bent (childhood injury now arthritus) I have had to learn how to compensate.


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    that's pretty much how I have been shooting since I started. it just feels like I can get a straighter pull. if I try to use my finger pad I seem to push the trigger a bit making the shot go off to the left. so using the joint between the first 2 pads has been more comfortable for me. I mean I have not tried to train with using the pad on the trigger for any long amount of time. who knows maybe if I did there might be something to it. but unless some one says so, I think I'll stick with what has been working for me:)
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    Quote Originally Posted by KathleenElsie View Post
    Because my trigger finger is bent (childhood injury now arthritus) I have had to learn how to compensate.
    I know how you feel. Fortunately for me it's my left hand most affected by arthritis and I'm right handed. I sometimes have to change my grip on the right hand though.

  6. I was taught using the crease, and teach using the Finger pad as a starting point, i've use the crease and the finger pad over the years but sworn to nether. Since switching to Glocks years ago i use the CREASE, if you're a good shot using the crease or the pad, whose to say your doing it wrong.

    With experience comes versatility, target shooting is different than combat/tactical shooting, hitting a target at 50 yards takes a different skill than hitting a target at 3-15 yards in a quick combat draw situation.

    Everything starts with target shooting, mastering the Mechanics of shooting starts by learning to hit the target.

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    This is the first that I have seen anyone suggest this technique (crease as opposed to pad). I have been having trouble with my groups hitting left (decent groups but grouping to the left) no matter what I try. I tried moving my finger (within the first pad) to the left and to the right but it doesn't seem to make any difference and we even moved my rear sight to the right a little when I had my Trijicons installed. No chnage~

    My gun is a Glock 19 and I am transitioning from a Colt Trooper Mk III revolver. I wonder if the "V" shaped trigger on the Glock is a factor with pad/crease placement?

    I will be Very interested to give this approach a try. Thanks for sharing ~ Dave
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    Finger pad, with the bottom edge of my finger dragging on the inside of the trigger guard. Makes for a consistent pull every time.

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    Encyclopedia of Bullseye Pistol

    Pistol and Revolver Error Analysis and Correction

    I think if you read on trigger control and look at the error analysis chart it will help you a lot. It did me.

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    Exclamation this will help 80% of us


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    Quote Originally Posted by festus View Post
    Thanks for posting this, festus. Wonderful help guide. I'm of the opinion that one has only to reverse the graphic for left-handed shooters, correct?

    BTW, did a search for a printable version of your post and found this:
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