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    I found a product the other day that blew my mind. We had a sticky door lock at work when facilities maintenance showed up the guy pulled out a can of ‘Houdini” and sprayed it in the lock. The spray came out of the lock blacker than a coal miner’s ass and the lock opened right up.

    The guy gave me a can to take home and I used it on the locking mechanism of my wife’s car which had been sticky for years w/ the same result.

    For my guns I use a small squirt on the trigger mechanism, down the firing pin channel and in other places I can’t really get into to clean. I also squirt a little on a patch and wipe down the frame with it as a lube/ rust inhibitor.

    It’s not necessarily some super cleaner for the whole gun but works very well in the tight spaces that you can’t normally get to

    Cleaning Lubricant - Lock - Protexall Products, Inc.
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    As far as oil it is hard to beat Ultima-Lube II, produced buy Wilson Combat.

    I have a friend who uses Royal Purple (Motor Oil). Looking at his weapons he has no rust issues...He has around 25 weapons and uses this exclusively. He is the kind of guy who wipes it down after every touch.

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    Good old Outers 45 Gun Oil. Same spray can has been around since before zipcodes.
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    i do i use it on my sig 2022 40. its the best n i use it cuse its endoursed and liscenced by sig sauer so it has to be good they also have it for industrial ,marine,aircraft so they know what there doing

  6. I'm wondering if anyone out there has installed Trijicon HD Night Sights on any of their guns and, if so, if there are any cleaning/lubricating agents that you have used that negatively impacted these sights. I.E.: the tritium phosphor lamps and/or the surrounding (in my case orange) florescent front ring coating around the tritium bulb on the front sight.

    These things were a bit pricey and more importantly, a bear to get installed (the factory sights are really tight on the XDM's) and I don't want to have to go through that again, if I can avoid it.

    BTW... these sights are just plain amazing. If you haven't checked them out, you definitely should have a look. Especially if your getting on a bit and your ole' peepers aren't what they once were. I am one of those guys that should wear his glasses all of the time. But, always leaves them on the table or in the car. Besides, even with my specs on, I was having a terrible time with the factory dots and just couldn't stay focused on the front site through that skinny little channel on the rear sight. I can get on target fast and reacquire in a heartbeat with the HD's.

    And no... I don't own stock in the company or benefit in any way from their sales. I just have never used anything like them before and wanted to "share" my appreciation of a fine product with everyone. I have used the regular Trijicon Night Sights before and loved them too. But, the HD's are simply head and shoulders the best handgun night sight that I have ever used.

  7. I love Eezox. I buy it on eBay.

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    I use Weapon Shield CLP and grease. I found a post a few years old that said they give away samples. I like most things that are free, except STDs and the like, so I sent an email. Didn't get a response, but about 10 days later a (nice)needle oiler showed up in my mailbox. They didn't even ask me to pay shipping. I really like the way the CLP works, so I bought a quart of it and took a chance by ordering a pound of grease. Grease is as good as the CLP in my opinion. Effective marketing strategy as far as I'm concerned. It ain't often you get to try it before you buy it and at no cost!!

    Disclaimer: I don't work for them. I don't benefit in any way if anyone buys it. I'm not associated with the company in any way except as a satisfied customer.

    Also I didn't put those 3 links in this post, I just typed the words. I've unchecked everything 3 times and they won't go away. Sorry!
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  9. Breakfree.... ever since I cleaned my first M-16. Amazing stuff. It keeps on cleaning, even after you're done cleaning. We would get our weapons absolutely spotless and the drills would always be able to run a patch through and pick-up at least a little bit of carbon half an hour later. We would actually have to get them inspected immediately after running our last patch, just to get them cleared.

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    For lube, I use Mobile 1 Full Synthetic.

    It's what's recommended by the S&W M&P armour class. It's worked well in all of my weapons.

    I look at it this way. What's a firearm? Heat, friction, metal-on-metal... sounds like an engine.

    And, buy a quart of Mobile 1 and it'll last years of lubing(depending on usage of course).
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  11. Mobile 1 must work very well. I see it recommended over and over. I checked the MSDS here ( and it appears minimally hazardous. Still, I'd prefer something that is just oil, no additives.

    I'll have to check my references, but a reviewer on Amazon checked the MSDS for hopps oil and the only ingredient was "white mineral oil". Maybe I'll go back to it.

    Thanks for the info.

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