Sig 238 trigger removal?
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Thread: Sig 238 trigger removal?

  1. Sig 238 trigger removal?

    I detail stripped my 238 but can not figure out how to get the trigger assembly out. I pushed on the pin a bit but it wont budge. I dont want to pound on it and don't think you should have to. Is there something I am missing? Anyone have a good vid or something of how to do it? Thanks!

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    have you looked on you tube for a video? they seem to have a bunch on such topics.
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    Make sure you let us know when you figure it out.. And any info/pictures of your efforts would be appreciated!!!

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  5. I have looked on you tube, there is two that I found but neither showed how to remove and replace the trigger assembly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by angrypenguin View Post
    I have looked on you tube, there is two that I found but neither showed how to remove and replace the trigger assembly.
    Sounds like there is a need to fill on Youtube.. Go on, help someone else out, once you figure it out...

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  7. Why do you need to remove the trigger?

  8. I don't NEED to I just like to know how to detail strip all my guns. I think it makes it super easy to clean very well that way too.

  9. Some things just don't NEED to be taken apart. There's a big difference between what can be done and what should be done. At some point you will find loose pins and parts simply due to disassembling parts that don't need to be disassembled.

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    Agree you should not tinker with a gun if you don't really know what's on the inside. Also if you do that you automatically void your warranty especially if Sig sees that you have opened or tinkered with it. I had an old smith revolver model 22 and was curious to see how it functions inside. I took all the screws out and popped out the sideplate to find a metal piece fly out and I had to figure out where it went.inwas screwed until I looked deeply inside and saw where it fit in

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    Follow the gun manufacturers manual that came with the pistol. It will indicated how much you should tear down for cleaning, and will state that further tear down is not warranted or should only be done by a trained armorer, gunsmith or returned to the manufacture. As,stated above.....some things need not be tinkered with!

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