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Thread: Who else here has a Sig P238??

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    I have purchased two, a Equinox for the wife and I have a SAS. Both have been 100% reliable. Very accurate and fun to shoot.

  3. My point exactly. Shows that their quality control is crap. Mine was anything but reliable. I would of rather of had a sling shot in my pocket than the P238 I had if I need to protect myself. Im not the only one that had serious issues with the P238 either. Some actually had way worse issues than I did. And then you have some people that get one that works 100% every time. Break in was not an issue either for me. I cleaned and lubed BEFORE I put any rounds through it. I put more rounds through than what SIG told me was needed for a break in. I personally think the "you need XYZ rounds through it to be broken in" BS was just that, BS. My Glock 26 and S&W M&P has never had one failure since day one and I have put 1,000's of rounds though each. In fact the very first round I tried to fire out of the P238 failed. I had to cycle a few rounds before it would even fire! It was not the round either, I put them back in the mag and they fired later.Anyway, I hope the guy that bought it from me has better luck with it than I did and maybe this new "fix" out actually fixes it....... End rant

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    Recently received my P238 back from its second trip to Sig. I had sent it to Sig because of feed/extraction issues. Sig claims to have only "upgraded the extractor" and they replaced one of my first gen mags with a third gen mag. But it's apparent to me that they did some work on the feed ramp as well. The wear and tear on the lower right corner of the feed ramp has been repaired. But I'm not sure what they did to it.

    Since getting this gun back from Sig, I reinstalled the 12# recoil spring and limited my choice of ammo to US-manufacturers only. The result is 225 rounds without a malfunction. I'm starting to feel more confident about the possibility of carrying this gun, which was my intent when I bought it.

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    I'm keeping an eye on mine. It's a back up gun for me (G23 is primary carry) but I'll have one failure to eject about every 100 rounds. Since I've only put 300 rounds through the P238 I haven't been able to figure out the pattern as to why it may have failed and I'd like to eliminate human error first.

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    Mine is flawless, over 500 rounds not one problem...........
    A great carry pice here in Las Vegas for the summer in shorts.............

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    I had heard about the bad experiences going back to 2009 and I was a little shy and forking over $$ for this portable. I did buy the Equinox version that was mfg'd around mid-Oct 2010. I called Sig before buying it and asked them about all the troubles. They said they upgraded the magazines a number of months ago, and currently were making a running change on the recoil spring. I have put thru hundreds and hundreds of rounds with very little trouble. I had some junk ammo that even went thru with a few FTF, tried a variation of ammo and at this point I'm happy with mine. It is so bad ass, next step is to get some "fatty grips" to fill my hand a little.

  8. The one I had was a May 2010 mfg piece and even after sending it back it was garbage. I wonder why if that when I called they told me "nothing is wrong with it" is there a need for a "fix" now? I am glad that people out there have some that work great but the whole experience has turned me off to SIG. I don't think I will ever buy one again....

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    Mine (S?N 27A00xxxx) had the burr, which I removed very carefully with my Dremel. I also polished the feed ramp until it is shiny.
    The burr has not recurred but with about 500 rounds it is getting worse and worse about FTE and FTF.
    I have the 2nd generation magazine, and 4 more Colt mags which I have heard work as well.
    I have not had any better feeding with the Sig magazine.
    I called Sig today and spoke with "Victoria." She was very helpful. She will send me a new recoil spring and a new 3rd generation magazine. I don't need to return the old one! She cannot do anything about the Colt magazines. of course. Unfortunately the 3rd generation magazine followers are not available separately.
    I have heard a lot of negative comments about Sig service but if today is any indication and assuming Sig follows through, Sig has improved this a lot. I called at 12:15 PM and was the second in line; I was picked up within a minute.

  10. I'm pretty happy

    My wife just got a P238.

    250 rounds, with one failure to extract. Which does not concern me too much for 2 reasons. In the same box of ammo I had a squib load, so it could have been a weak load. Also it was the first round in the magazine, and she has a bad habit of riding the slide, so she might not of had the extractor properly anchored.

    My only gripe is I am used to my SR9c with 17 rounds, but I guess that is the trade off for its size.

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    I own a p238. I had one stove pipe on my first magazine...have shot around 250 rounds since then with no problems. Sorry yours was having issues.

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