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Thread: Who else here has a Sig P238??

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    Since my last post I've put about 1000 rounds through the P238 with no issues. I only recently got a second magazine for it (7 round extended, Sig brand) and put maybe 50 rounds through that magazine.

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    Mine was built 4/1/10 (don't have S/N handy but it's close to angrypenguin's). I bought it 8/18/11 and have one Sig 2nd generation mag and 4 colt magazines.
    After about 500 rounds I have had several FTF, and a few FTE. This seems to get worse as I put more rounds through the gun. Didn't seem to matter which mags I was using. This is all ball ammo -- I don't want to try the JHP until I am confident with ball.
    I also had the burr on the feed ramp. I (carefully!) removed the burr and polished the feed ramp. I don't think the jams have improved but the burr has not recurred.
    I don't notice any cosmetic issues but I bought the gun to carry so I don't necessarily expect it to look new forever.
    I called Sig on 9/27 and talked to "Victoria." She told me she would send me a new 3rd generation magazine (she can't do anything about the Colt magazines, of course, and the 3rd generation followers are not available separately.) She also sent a new recoil spring (those shipped on 9/28).
    In the meantime I installed a Wolff recoil spring, firing pin spring, and the lightest mainspring (I had already straightened the sear spring to lighten the trigger pull).
    I took it to the range on 9/27 and found the jams have improved somewhat but still too many to be satisfied with. Trigger is now as a SA SHOULD be.
    I guess I'll have to see what the new 3rd gen magazine and Sig recoil spring do for it. If it still has issues I'll see about having Sig look at it (does anyone know if Sig pays for the shipping?)

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