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  1. I don't want to use my truck as a weapon and I don't want to hurt or kill,but I will do what it takes to protect myself and family...

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    I think I would have done a quick draw sitting in the seat once I figured I was boxed in. I've thought out the carjacking scenario, and in my mind, I think that I'd wait to be approached. At first sight of a gun, it's hammer back time.....pool ze treegor oonteel eet goes "CLEECK"
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    Start making noise, honking the horn, etc. If I had my cell phone, I'd be prepared to dial 911 (more than likely just to have the open line). If making noise failed, and no attention was drawn to the situation, I would get out of the car (prepared to punch 911 into my cell phone) ready to draw my weapon as needed.

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    +1 on "Situational Awareness". I carry a gun into a shopping center or mall because I have to come back to the parking lot. I have little or no worries while in a store, well, other than convenience stores (They seemed to be named for the convenience of robbing them and hauling butt.). I've reminded friends and family to "choose" a parking spot with care and BACK IN whenever possible. And when you leave or approach your vehicle, look around. Really look.
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    Before or after I shot them?
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  7. in a spot like that and not carrying 911 is your best friend. i park far away from the front sometimes under a light.. in new york there has been alot old people getting hurt for for a few bucks
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    I'd be wondering how many bullets they owe me.

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    By far the best thing is to do everything you can to avoid such a situation. You can't avoid every possible bad scenario (that's why you carry a gun after all right?) but you can avoid a lot simply by staying aware of things going on around you. Mental and situational awareness are essential to avoiding surprises similar to this. Front Sight's "Color Code of Mental Awareness" is a good explanation of how the difference between getting mugged and not getting mugged is often nothing more than the difference between staying oblivious to your surroundings and staying alert and aware.

    The color code system is divided into five levels - White, Yellow, Orange, Red and Black. Dr. Ignatius Piazza of Front Sight has some great posts of these states with examples of how they make a difference at the following links:

    Conditions White and Yellow:

    Conditions Orange and Red:

    Condition Black and the Combat Mindset:

    Once you are in condition black, your survival just might depend on training/practice and muscle memory. Is your attacker extremely close to you and about to pistol whip you? If so, do you know and have you practiced the "speed rock?" Will you instinctively block/duck that blow, or go down to the ground semi conscious?

    Avoid a bad situation if you can, but be well prepared for one in case you can't.

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    I,too,would not be pistol whipped.
    Be giving a statement to the cops afterward,though.
    Give everybody guns.
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    A pistol whipping is something, I don't want or plan on getting, so what ever the situtation calls for is what I would do.. I try to always be aware of my surroundings, and whats going on...
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