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    The real tragedy is children being gunned down every day in cities caught by stray crossfire from the guns that are available because of leinant laws/gun shows.
    Leinant laws? really? I hate to inform you but most BG dont buy a gun through the legal system. They are aquired from the street illegally. Once again the gun laws are for responsible citizens not the BG. Most of which couldnt buy a gun leagally anyway. Gun shows are no different than going to a guns store and buying one. So lets get your inforamtion correct before you make a dumd unfounded statement.
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    A recording of the radio traffic:


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    Look, this is sad, should not have happened, no question. I am sorry for the family. But the guy effed up. Making a disturbance, cops responding to MWAG call, he makes a move that did not involve holding his hands up or getting on the ground.

    Very sad, But it's his own damn fault and the cops will not be held liable for anything done wrong.

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    As a CCW Instructor, I have reviewed the safety protocols we teach for Law Enforcement Encounters. It does not include trying to be 'helpful' by raising your shirt or other concealment garment to show you are armed. When faced with a situation like this it is best to get your hands either behind your head or way up in the air, and then get down on the ground or on your knees - whichever the officers are commanding.

    I believe this was a classic case of bad judgment on what to do when the police are pointing their sidearms at you and shouting commands. Absolute and precise compliance is what's needed in a situation like this. Any body movement towards opening your shirt can (and probably did) result in gunfire. This was a tragedy in judgment that could have been avoided.

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