HOLY CRAP! I could watch this every day!
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Thread: HOLY CRAP! I could watch this every day!

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    HOLY CRAP! I could watch this every day!

    This is something else...I'd love to have one in my arsenal.

    YouTube - AA-12. World's deadliest shotgun!
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  3. All I can say is OMG. Would not what to be on the other end of that.

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    I wonder how much the military will be paying for them, hope they get one to my Marine nephew in Iraq.

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    I love Future Weapons - I have my DVR setup to record every one of them! :)
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    yes, where is the waiting list for the civilian version of that lovely beast?
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    Look out dove fields.

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    Man, what a weapon! I especially thought the miniture missles were awesome! Anything to turn things in our favor.

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