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Semper, you are correct. I know a little about the civil war I am sure you are much more knowledgeable then I …. Thank you for your input. The Black Race Pimp Whore’s is what I am talking about. Sharpton, Jackson, Wright, Obama, Farrakhan….and the list goes on and on and on. I don’t owe Blacks ****. But yet our tax dollar pays for enabling and encouraging more of the same. They need to get the Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo Over it. I see it every day especially in the Atlanta area that A LOT Of BLACKS EXPECT something from ******, its an attitude, just like the Beer Summit that the Jack ass Had for our Law enforcement officer and white hater Gate’s. That Jack ass in the white house Showed his ass and the sheeple bought into his Bravo Sierra. He is setting the tone. Just like any corporation the CEO sets the tone and filters down the ranks. This Marxist has set the tone. It is really ashamed that we as Americans are constantly are being identified as a Race, Ethnic, Social or what ever, why can’t we Just Be Americans?? We have the LOOTERS (The Politian’s) the MOOCHERS ( Free loading From the Looters and the Producers) and then we have the Producers (Those of use that pay for the LOOTERS and the MOOCHERS). Those Blacks that I spoke about are the LOOTERS!!!!!

That is all it is anymore... No one wants to accept responsibility for their actions/inactions. If they do not receive what they want when they want it, then it must be racism. They receive free rides through life on our dollar. They can do whatever they want because of their race. Slavery still exists today.... in their own minds, because they want it to. That way they do not have to accept responsability for their own actions/inactions. Not all are like that.... but 99% of the ones I meet are exactly like that. There are several that I know I really like and respect, but that is rare. If I do not like someone, it is based on their behavior, not skin color.