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Thread: Carry-Weapon and Location?

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    Primary is a Kimber Ultra Carry and secondary is a S&W SW9F. I carry either at about the 3:30 position. This is for both OWB and IWB carry.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steve02C5 View Post
    Thanks for all the input. I'll just stay with my P3AT and pray I never have to use it; plus, I'm hauling azz where at all possible.

    My CC is "a last resort option only."
    Enjoy the P3AT. Shot placement is the key to survival. Draw fast, shoot slow.
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    HK P2000 SK LEM and a Glock 19. Carry location depends on the time of the year, how I am dressed, and where I am going.
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    I wear slacks and a dress shirt to work so concealing a glock 19 is difficult. I tried a super tuck but it doesn"t tuck well. Today I tried those snap on trigger guards that I had ordered. I then tucked my shirt in, opened a button and concealed my gun in a crossdraw position. I was surprised that it concealed really really well and it was very comfortable at work and even in the car. I used a shoe lace through the hole and tied a bunch of knots to make a big one inch knot--about five inches from the guard. When I draw the gun I grab the knot and pull the trigger guard off.

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    I carry a Kimber Ultra CDP II in a Milt Sparks VMII on a Beltman belt. I find this setup very comfortable.

  7. p95 at the appendix when wearing jeans and polo. dressier days with light jacket at 2:30 with forward cant. im not a huge guy and my p95 is easy to conceal

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    I carry a full size .40 Smith and Wesson M & P, I just use a concealed Galco holster. Works fine for me, summer and all...Although you have to wear shirts over it...Printing isnt too bad but then again, when is it ever "invisible" without a jacket?
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    Carry Colt Combat Commander and spare Mag Galco IWB, summer winter, shorts dress or Galco Jak shorts and shirt not tucked. PS: If anti gunners are reading this is if I owned a weapon.

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    Springfield XD 40 Blackhawk serpa Holster 4:00

  11. Quote Originally Posted by Nightmare45 View Post
    PS: If anti gunners are reading this is if I owned a weapon.
    right... right!! i forgot to add that it was a hypothetical carry set up for me as well... i dont believe in guns

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