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Thread: what should we do to poachers?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kerb View Post
    Very astute question.
    I have moments of clarity during the day and sometimes they scare even me...
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    An Mistake is An Mistake, But Ignorance is no Excuse for the Law. If that was me. ??? I would of been Arrested and, Lost My Weaon,Truck ATV. I guess if you have $$ you can Afford your way Out. But, There are more pressing Issues to worry about these Days. I see that some regaurd this as an Boring Post And, Maybe so. But, this is an Forum and, Posting is what we do no matter if its good or, bad it is new Information for all to read. I heard nothing about ths Incident with Uncle Ted Until now So I, appreciate the Information.

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    I don't hunt anymore. But I find it disturbing that society feels it has the right to say what and when I (or anyone) can hunt. A hundred years ago I'm sure the majority of people would have found the idea not just disturbing, but ludicrous. Ever hear the story of Robin Hood?

    I realize there are conservational concerns. I'm not advocating killing off endangered species. But what if I wanted to quit my job, go somewhere and live off the land? Next to impossible to do legally today imo.

    There's a difference between killing for sport and killing to subsist. The law doesn't appear to recognize the difference, and that lack of common sense hurts us all.

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    Controlled hunts benefit game of all types. Poaching, on the other hand, can damage game populations and even bring some populations to extinction. Some either don't understand or simply don't care about the damage they are doing. I kind of like those states with laws making any property and equipment in your possession (cars, guns, planes, etc.) when caught poaching subject to confiscation by the state and becomes state property upon being found guilty.

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    Hopefully these scumbags will get the death penalty:

    Pa. game warden slain; was probing poaching

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    Quote Originally Posted by 6shootercarry View Post
    Yup... I can imagine lots of things... One of my creative traits...
    Actually.... I know of a guy in that boat, lives in the deep country by necessity not choice, old bet up trailer, wreck of a car, feeds the family by hunting, and I will leave it at that.....
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  8. My hunting neighbors will cut your fences in order to ride theirATVs across your place and shoot your dogs.

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