Glock 30 F2F problems
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Thread: Glock 30 F2F problems

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    Glock 30 F2F problems

    Noob from Houston here with a Glock question ...

    Just purchased a Glock 30. Love it! But in the first 100 rounds, I got a Failure to Feed 4 times on the last or second to last round in the 10 round mag.

    My questions .... (1) do Glock 30's have a break-in period I am not aware of? (2) if not, is this a common problem with the factory mags? I have a Glock 19 and have yet to have one issues with it after 1000 rounds. (3) is this an issue I might have to take up with Glock?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bob Loblaw View Post
    Depends, did you oil your gun before you started shooting ? If it's a brand new gun, it might be dry.
    Yes. Completely cleaned with Break Free, lightly oiled with same and lubed with Tetra Gun on all appropriate parts.

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    How many mags do you have for it? Do you have that problem with all your mags? Ive been carrying a G-30 (SF model) for a while now and have shot the crap out of it with zero problems of any kind. FMJs of numerous brands, JHPs by Corbon, and Federal all with no problems. I have three G-30 mags (10 round) and two G-21 mags (13 round) and none of them have ever given me any problems.

    Maybe start by breaking down all your mags and making sure everything is in order with them? I would think the jamming is mag related. It usually is. It sucks you are having this problem and i hope you can figure out whats going on.

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    I was using ball ammo and it was jamming just as Bob Loblaw's picture shows.

    Gun came with two mags and it's happening with both. This Saturday, I will go kill more paper and make sure the feed ramp is well oiled.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HoustonRaven View Post
    I was using ball ammo and it was jamming just as Bob Loblaw's picture shows.

    Gun came with two mags and it's happening with both. This Saturday, I will go kill more paper and make sure the feed ramp is well oiled.

    As others here have stated, I would bet this is a magazine problem, especially since it is happening on the last or next to last round. Strip and clean them....shoot the same ammo and see if the same failures continue.
    Try a different brand of ammo...what brand of ball were you shooting? I'm not a Glock guy but have owned several and they were very reliable.


  7. I've had the same happen to me.

    I just bought a Glock 30, lubed it according to the manual got PMC ball ammo, and when firing it, within the first 25 to 50 rounds I had one failure to feed and it was the second to last round in that mag(one of the ones it comes with). Went home cleaned and lubed the weapon again and wiped down the mags. We out to shoot again another day and this time had three separate failure to feeds occur between both mags; again second to last and on the last round in the mag. Seems a mag problem. All the ammo was new, and the gun was properly/lightly lubed. All else told, I love this firearm.

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    Possible Causes/Fixes:

    - Polish the feed ramp with some flitz.
    - Don't over-oil the gun.
    - Magzine followers develop a nice grooce after they break-in. The problem may disappear with use.
    - Weak mag spring could do it but it's doutbful on a new mag.
    - Are you "limp-wristing" the gun?

    I've run all kinds of ammo, even crap, through my Glocks with no problems. I'm leaning toward a mag or follower problem. Is it just one mag or all of them?

  9. I have been using my G30sf for about 2 years no issues at all. Sounds like a mag spring or limp wristing as well. I did polish the feed ramp when I first got it as I do with all my Glocks . I do have a problem with Winchester White Box ammo at times
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    I had the same issue with my G36. I sent it to Glock and it came back firing flawlessly. Their customer service was excellent, fast turn around time as well.

  11. +1 on everything thus far, especially the magazine issue.

    Glocks should function wet or dry. The 4 primary points (metal rails on the frame) of contact that need just a drop of oil, however I suggest a drop on a fingertip spread over the outer surface of the barrel as your slide does make contact with the barrel during cycling.

    With FTF's there tend to be several factors involved. First, one must rule out the human element. Next is the ammunition. Then the magazine and its parts. Last the guide rod spring. That's not to say there's not a bur somewhere that needs to wear off or is helping cause the problem. Sadly, if it's a new G30, it may have the "tamper-proof" tabs on the magazines which makes it nearly impossible for the owner to take the magazine apart and check for unusual wear or least not without leaving behind marks or damage of your own trying to do so.

    So if you're having issues on PMC ball ammo (what's the grain?), switch to another ammo. I hadn't had any problems with the Winchester white box in my Glock 45ACP's. Of course I made sure to vary the grain to see what it liked the most.

    I'm not willing to bet the farm, but my thought is it's going to be the ammunition. It may not be producing enough gas pressure to cycle a new spring on a 2 piece captured guide rod assembly, new springs in a G30 can be firm. A different ammo may produce a bit more gas, even if it's the same grain of bullet, sometimes it's just the differences in powder type used. Even the Winchester is 830-850fps at 230 grain.

    Make sure you stay away from the flat-nosed ammo.

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