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Thread: What eye protection do you use?

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    I've got two pairs of Remington shooting glasses - one dark, one yellow. For clear ones, I have a pair of the CDNN Silencio's like molonlabetn mentioned. I have a pair of normal clear safety glasses for loaners that I picked up at a local farm supply store.
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    I wear prescription glasses everyday but I know I should wear protective glasses as well when I shoot. I have a pair, and I'm ashamed to say I don't wear them as often as I should.

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    I have to wear doc pers. specs to see well
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    I use Ralph Lauren aviator style sunglasses! I don't shoot better with
    them but I do look marvelous!

    The damn things cost more than some of my guns.
    Mandatory use at all times. THE WIFE bought them!

    Best wishes all!

  6. I wear yellow-tinted shooter's glasses when I'm indoors or when it's cloudy, and safety sunglasses when it's sunny.

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    Prescription shooting glassess...

    I have to wear glasses to see but do not have any for shooting from a safety standpoint. I wear my regular glasses for lack of anything appropriate to shoot with. Any recommendations for prescription shooting glasses??

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    shooting glasses

    I use my prescription eyewear, so does my wife. My 13 year old son uses his prescription glasses, plus a cheap pair of Wal-Mart clear goggles that fits over his eyewear.

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    I just close my eyes when I shoot...:D
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    Oakley (half jacket and M-Frames) I wear a set anytime I am out of the house. Stuff gets blown around, come in the car windows, and if I were ever to be in a gun battle glass, concrete, asphalt and other fragments could result in the loss of an eye.
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    I wear contact lenses, and age has reduced my ability to focus up close. I use industrial safety glasses with Optx stick-on bifocals. They can be placed to allow good view of the sights.
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