What eye protection do you use?
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Thread: What eye protection do you use?

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    What eye protection do you use?

    I personally get away with just my normal glasses, but I've heard many love the Oakley M Frame. What do you guys think?

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    I usually use one of the many pairs of Silencio shooting glasses which I got free with CDNN orders... Clear for indoor, Tinted for outdoor.

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    I use a paid of clear glasses I bought from my local range when I bought my first gun. I also have a couple other $7 yellow walmart shooters glasses in my bag for other people.

    When I'm at Front Sight, I wear my Costa Del Mar's.

  5. Lacking an indoor range in our area I don't have to use clear shooting glasses so I rely on my Nikon shooting sunglasses.

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    Wiley X PT-1 w/ clear and smoked lenses. I got them from a family member who is a flight instructor. He got them from one of his students, a soldier stationed at Ft. Campbell. They are nice, but I want to change over to Oakley M-Frames and much better lenses.

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    Uvex safety glasses
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  8. WileyX AirRage LA-they have light adjusting lenses, not real good for bright sunny days, but then there are a whole bunch of those here. ;) They came with the pads around the eyes, easier to look than explain. Take a look here

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    I break or scratch glasses too quickly to pay for expensive ones. I only shoot outdoors and do so with yellow tinted shooting glasses from Academy (don't recall the brand).

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    Regular prescription glasses for me, cheap safety glasses for the wife that there are several pairs of on a table before you walk into the range we use most often.
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  11. I use any ANSI Z41 certified safety glasses with side shields, unless they are wraparound style. My sons gave me a pair of Oakley's for my birthday. They are almost too nice to have at the range.

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