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Thread: 000 vs. 00 vs. #1 buckshot for Home Defense?

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    My mossberg 500 is loaded with 5 hi-brass #5 turkey loads, I guarantee nobody is walking away from a hit from a "few" of those bad boys

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    My PGO 500 has two #1 buck then two 3" 00 Mag buck then a slug.

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    I think I posted this before. I fired buck shot at a 12" target from an 18" barrel at 120 feet and NONE of the nine pellets hit the target. The slug was about 2" to the left of DC. Probably one of my Marty Feldman moments.
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    That's why my last shot is a slug.

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    00 Buck for me. From my front door to where I'm probably going to be, the pattern is going to be pretty tight and the BG is going to collect most of it. If any escapes his miserable bod, I'll gladly repair the drywall behind him. PS: This also serves as a secondary fire escape exit through the window, if necessary.
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    Fire escape, I like that. I'm in an open area and may need the range of a slug, Hopefully to hit a tire or something.

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    The reason that police use the 00 buck is that there is less pellets to account for.

    Modern #1 BUCK is superior as a man stopper. Number 4 buck is decent but it lacks the penetration to be as effective as #1 buck or 00 buck.

    The hardest thing is finding #1 buck on the shelves.

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    000 vs. 00 vs. #1 buckshot for Home Defense?

    I use 00. I don't buy the whole over penetration thing. In my opinion shotguns are not a good grab and go home defense gun. My HD shotgun is for defending choke points such as entry ways and stairwells. In such a case I know exactly what lies beyond each of those choke points so I'm not worried about hitting errant targets. The closest house on the other side of my front door is about 40 yds and at that distance no shot size it going to penetrate hardy plank, 1/2in osb, insulation, and drywall and still have enough power to do any damage on the other side. If you get surprised in your bedroom by an intruder your best bet is a handgun. You can most likely access it and get it on target much quicker than a shotgun.

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    I use #1


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