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    Prescott, AZ/Colleyville, TX

    Here from Texas/Arizona

    Hello All

    Been lurking for a while. Great information here. I reside in Texas and spend time in Prescott, AZ. Carry Arizona CCW.

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    JSDinTexas Guest
    Howdy from S Cen TX, now pickup your TX CHL and you're all set.

  4. like prescott az.??

    hey michael,how ya doin?? i was wondering how you liked prescott area?? were you there long?? how about gun friendlyness around that area??, i've been lookin for a couple acres around prescott valley area, or like a 20 mile radius from prescott, any recommendations? good or bad !? whats up in texas?? what part are you hanging out in?? ok, i'm new to this site too, so hope your still around out here, i have been looking for someone to let me know how prescott area was for residence,,i spent 2 days there 15 years ago, so i'm sure things are different from then!?anyways, take care out there!! !! drop me a line!! pfflyer
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    Hello, and Welcome from the SC. shore...............
    Glock Carrier in SC.


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    Hola amigo, I'm down around Douglas, Az.


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    Welcome to the site from North Texas

  8. And isn't it nice passing through the gun friendly NM?

  9. Question you kiddin ??

    you kiddin around about gun friendly new mexico ?? and in your opinion , what makes nm. so gun friendly?? just wondering !! thanx!! flyer..
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  10. Quote Originally Posted by pfflyer View Post
    you kiddin around about gun friendly new mexico ?? and in your opinion , what makes nm. so gun friendly?? just wondering !! thanx!! flyer..
    In NM you have to be careful what facility you go in such as Restaurants with full bars and such...

    But, NM honors both AZ and TX carry permits.
    And, in NM a vehicle is an extension of your property, thus "extended domain law".
    In NM you can have a weapon in your vehicle, as many as you deem necessary, loaded or unloaded, hidden, open, on your person etc and it is legal.

    Also NM is an open carry state. The only exception to open carry is liquor. Don't go into anywhere there is liquor, even gas stations. You can carry concealed (with a permit), in a liquor selling establishment for "off premises" consumption.

    Main thing here is the alcohol rules around guns and restaurants. If a restaurant serves beer and wine only, you are good, if they have a full range of booze, leave it in your car.

  11. thanx !!

    thanx for the information, sounds like nm is a fairly causual place to enjoy gun ownership and ccw.. i hear alot about how pretty the landscape is there and how nice the weather and air quality is too.. i have'nt spent any time there, just passed through a few times on interstate 40,10 & 25, while trucking cross country, back 1999 -2003.. thanx again for the info.. good luck! p.f.
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