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Thread: laser vs. night sights

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    I like the laser for the increased ability to hit the target when it's gotta count.

    It's not a substitute for practice with iron sights I do agree, but in situations when fast reaction times are needed along with accurate shot placement, they work. The shooter could end up suffering from decreased motor skills in a high stress situation, poor visibility in low light conditions, and fast moving targets. The advantage of the laser vs iron sights in a self defense situation I consider life saving. Adding a laser assists in finding the target faster (try it with the off hand and see the difference) and staying on target for the shots. The best advantage is being able to hit the intended target with the gun at your side out of the reach of a BG. They are an added cost, but how much do you value your life? I have never tried to put a price tag on my life. My 2 pennies.

    You can give peace a chance alright..

    I'll seek cover in case it goes badly..

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    I don't have a preference. My main carry weapon has Crimson Trace grips. My nightstand (no kids) weapon has Trijicon sights. I think both have qualities that provide an advantage in certain situations.

    Sorry I have posted in so long. I've been waiting for Iceman to get the boot.

  4. Try this next time your at the range....

    Put your target a few yards away. Hold your weapon close your your body (still pointing it downrange!) to try and simulate where the gun would be during you drawing you gun since you cant actually draw your gun and shoot at the range. Now, just extend your arms and shoot! Don't aim or anything, just extend and shoot like you would if you did not have time to line up the BG in your sights. You will be surprised at how accurate most people are when doing this. If your one of the people that shoot well like this then you would not need either in that kind of situation!

    I personally would go with night sights for my own reasons but I will try and give some things to think about that may sway you either way. There are all kinds of different situations where one may be better than the other but I will point out a few things.

    Its night time and you hear a crash in another room. Its dark in your room but with the night sights it will be very easy to locate your weapon with night sights glowing at you! This of course is only safe if your living situation allows you to keep your gun out in the open in your bed room...

    Same thing..... But you turn on your laser and don't keep it pointed down and the BG sees your laser and is ready for you when you come around the corner with a few bullets of his own.....

    A laser does have a intimidation factor and it can also help you at the range with trigger pull and such.

    If your ever in a situation where your laying on the ground or have to shoot in a very odd position that you have not shot in before a laser could be very helpful with acquiring your target.

    Lots more to think about but these are just a few.... Hope it helps!

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    I have Novak trijicon night sights on my 1911 along with a Streamlight TLR-2. It's my home defense gun. My wife's Sig P238, has Siglight night sights. Both sets of sights are the 3-dot type. But because my nearly 70 year-old eyes are making it a bit harder to see the front sights I've ordered a compact 1911 with a fiber optic front sight and plain black rear sight. This gun is intended to be my daylight carry.

    I've found the laser to be an excellent training tool for trigger control. But I wouldn't rely on it in a gun fight unless the situation involved extremely close quarters such as when the bad guy is too close for you to confidently extend your arm to a normal shooting position. When shooting from a close hold position, below your sight line and against your chest, the laser is invaluable...IMO.

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    Night Sites on all my SD and Carry weapons. My wife has a Crimson Trace on her G30 and loves it. I think the biggest thing about a laser is like someone said earlier that you can get on target without bringing the weapon to eye level. It also makes her hold more steady being as the laser bounces around easy. But I wouldnt have one on my guns. I'll stick with my Night Sights.
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