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  1. im live in sullivan county but own a business in orange.

  3. Shooting low usually means your are anticipating the recoil thrusting your hands downward a bit. Could also be why it is to the left also. Like everyone else said.... practice, practice, practice! How far was the paper on this shoot? It looks good, especially for a first time shooter. Try relaxing a little more. I pull my trigger in 2 stages. First I pull the "slack" in the trigger. Second I pull with consistent pressure until the gun fires. It should surprise you but not surprise you when it goes off if that makes sense to you lol.

    Nice choice on gun also. I was between that and the M&P I ended up buying. If your anything like me start saving up now for your next purchase and get a second job to pay for all the ammo and range time lol.

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