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    Taurus 1911

    Does anyone know anything about these guns? I'm in the market for a full size 1911 and I can buy one a Taurus 1911 locally for $650 brand new. Anyone here ever shot one or held one?

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    MW, Take a look at the Kimber. I have the CDP II and I love it, no problems as of yet. If your going to CC look at the ultra its a little better at concealing than the other Kimbers.

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    Not sure about the Taurus either, but in the 600 price range you may want to compare versus one of these:

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    I would recommend a Springfield gi or for a bit more the loaded model these are both fantastic guns and are very accurate

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    The Taurus PT1911 Pistol is a great shooter. I have owned one for 3 years now, and put a couple thousand rounds through it without any problem. I can't say that for my Kimber. Don't be put off by the price. If you can afford it, go for a more expensive custom made 1911 like a colt or Smith and Wesson. While the Kimber is a good pistol, it just won't hold the value, it is just a name you see plastered on the back of every gun magazine. I'll be selling mine shortly.

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    Thanks guys! Any other opinions?

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    If you haven't bought a 1911 yet...May I suggest the Remington 1911 R1 http://www.1911r1.com/ The reviews I have read sound very positive and it is about the same price as the Taurus.

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    Thanks for the opinions guys! I haven't bought one yet but I'm very open to about anything. One thing I am looking for is the extra large bump on the hand safety (not sure what it's called) because I have really big hands, and I'm concerned the standard older safeties might not engage if I were to need to draw quickly and I may not have a perfect grip on the gun. Also, quality is important because I plan on throwing this in with my lineup of carry guns, however I'm not willing to pay for extra for a name.

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    Not a fan of Taurus anything, let alone a 1911 clone knock off.

    1911's are a breed upon themselves and if a manufacturer is "just getting into the game" with a 1911 platform I'll let the suckers buy them first and see what performance issues they have before I'll got down that road.

    If it's not Springfield or a high end custom 1911 I'm not interested, with only maybe one exception and that is the RIA guns but but they are not known for their service life and all parts are MIM and anot CNC machined.

    The Springfield MC Operator is possibly one of the best, if not the best, out of the box 1911's than can purchased, but it does cost twice as much as a Taurus PT 1911.


    I'm just simply not a fan of Taurus in any of it's offerings.
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    I have a Springfield 1911-A1, a Taurus PT1911 and a Springfield LWT Champion Operator. The Taurus can hold it's own against the others and came with more features as well. I've had my Taurus for a few years now and have never experienced a single problem. For the money, it's really hard to beat.
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