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    tru glo

    has anyone on here used the trivium fiber optic sights from truglo??

    pro's or cons??

    also what night sights would one recommend?

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    I kind of want some when my trijicons go low, but fiber optics are kind of fragile if you accidentally whack them..... Oh n it's tritium....
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    I just got those installed on my m & p .45acp.the tritium fber optics are unreal. i can actually see the target.put over 700 rounds with the new sights last groupings were unreal.make sure u get the TFO's .when i picked up my gun , 2 customers had the regular truglo's on thier guns.they seen mine.they **** canned thiers & ordered the tfo's.u will not regret it

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    P.S. u wont need night sights , these glow in the dark.imagine 3 of those construction workers in the bright GREEN neon safety vests sitting on top of your gun.THAT'S HOW VISIBLE THEY ARE IN TOTAL DARKNESS

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    I am getting a set installed on my Glock 23 on Saturday. My dad has a set on his G21 and it was the best investment yet. You can line up a shot much more quickly with the Truglo's.

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    I have TFOs on my XDM. Front sight fiberoptic came loose and Tru Glo replaced it. Have about 1000 rounds through the new one and no probs yet. Very bright in the day which helps my aging eyes, and seem to glow well in the dark. Only time will tell how durable they are.

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    Over a year ago I had them on my HK USP 45 for about a thousand rounds, these old eyes could sure see that front sight. During an IDPA match the front sight fiber optic went flying off and was never found, I loved them while they lasted. I did a search on a few forums and mine was not an isolated indecent. TruGlo may have resolved this issue I would ask them directly before investing.

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    If you ever want to see the difference between regular tritium & the tru glow fiber optic tritium, Sig makes a gun that comes with the fiber optic tritium on the front and the regular dot night sights on the back. What I've noticed from owning this particular model is that the fiber optic glows just as much or more than the regular tritium sights at night and you get the glowing effect for quick sighting from the sun during the day.

    Also consider that tru glow offers the tritium fiber optic in all green or green front and yellow rear sight.
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