Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum. I saw it online when I was looking for the likelihood of getting a CCW in MD, which I found out is almost impossible. I just have a few questions for anyone who can help me. I'm an 18 yo girl and I wish to get a pistol for self protection in the near future. I have been raped twice and mugged once because all I had was some crappy mace, which didn't really deter them even though I hit them right in the eyes with it (PCP user maybe?). I was wondering, if anyone could help me figure out what kind of pistol would suit me. I've fired a few firearms in the past with my cousin who is in the military but it has been mostly rifles and shotguns. I really like using firearms but I don't really know much about them other than how to load, shoot and fire. My lack of knowledge is mostly in the pistol department. I would also like to know where I can get a suitable, well manufactured pistol online. I really don't have much money, so price is really important. I don't want to forgo quality for a low price, but if I can find something of great value for a low price that would be wonderful. Again, I live in an area where people get jumped, mugged, raped, murdered, etc. probably every week. I don't want to risk my life by not having the right amount of protection. Any accurate information any of you may have would be greatly appreciated. Thanks everyone and have a great holiday weekend!
P.S.: Does anyone know how old you have to be to purchase a firearm?