Smaller Cities Are Prone Also
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Thread: Smaller Cities Are Prone Also

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    Smaller Cities Are Prone Also

    This is all the more reason to allow students to CCW.

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    yes, yet another good reason. unfortunately it seems they think their police escort service is enough there that they are "encouraged to use". as if they have enough to go around...

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    they still think gun free zones keeps everyone safe. i feel safer, not.
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    Katie Couric, while interviewing a Marine sniper, asked:

    'What do you feel when you shoot a Terrorist?'

    The Marine shrugged and replied,

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    "VSU police and Valdosta city police arrived on the scene within minutes and searched the area for the offender, but were unsuccessful in capturing the individual."

    Once again it proves that the only person that can protect you is yourself! It only takes seconds for a crime to be committed and minutes for help.
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    This reminds me

    why I occasionally dropped one of my .380's in my coat pocket during the winter and told my wife to keep her .32 in her purse or jacket pocket. A hole through the clothing or purse is a small price to pay.
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