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Thread: Smith and Wesson M&P .40 Compact vs. XD .40 SubCompact

  1. Well after a ton of researching and holding both in my hands, firing the M&P and going over pros and cons of each I went with the M&P .40 compact. I am 110% happy with this gun. I decided to not even fire the XD just based off how awkward it felt to me in my hands and how nice the M&P felt and how well I shot with it. I am coming from a Glock 26 as my carry weapon and I have to say that gun was a wonderful piece. The finish on it still looks brand spankin new. I never once had a issue with it firing, loading, or ejecting. So time will tell if this will perform as well as my Glock has for me!

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    +1 on the m&p i have the fullsize and have about 500 rounds or so through it and have never had 1 problem at all. dont even matter what ammo i run in it. hope you enjoy!

  4. I still love this gun over my Glock 26 but a few things that I don't really care for on the M&P...

    I can not find anywhere on how to detail strip the gun, the Glock could be detail stripped in the dark no problem.

    The finish on the slide of the M&P seems to be much more delicate than the finish on the Glock. I already see a couple tiny blemishes on the M&P and it just feels like it will get scratched up easily. The Glock on the other hand still looks brand new and feels like I could take a wire brush to it and not hurt it one bit.

    I took out the firing pin in the M&P just to take a look and found there to be a plastic liner in the slide. I know it's not needed but I like to detail strip and really clean my guns every now and then. I do not know if cleaners with damage this plastic or not. Also, I would think that a little debris in this plastic on plastic set-up that there could possibly be a reliability issue there.

    The barrel on the M&P is MUCH thiner than the Glock. I am no scientist or gun expert but I would think that a thicker barrel would equal more durability.

    This I think is just a break in issue but a fully loaded mag is difficult to get into the gun on the M&P when the slide is not locked back. Not a big deal but just something I noticed.

    Again, I still like this gun much more than the Glock 26, just thought I post up some of my opinions

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    the only thing that bugged me about mine is it started to pit after just a few months, and the 3 mags i have will rattle when fully loaded. sounds like a round is moving back and forth there for makin a taping sound. cant seem to find out why its doing this. all 3 are factory mags too. other than that no jams, misfires,fte's, nothing. over all im happy. i wanted a glock, but they dont fit my hands well.

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    At our store we sell the Springfield XD from $459. S&W M&P from $529 and you get the $50 mail in rebate. We also give you an hour free at our indoor pistol range when you purchase a firearm from us. Stop in anytime we will be happy to assist you.

    Either one of the guns are great guns to shoot. I personally have an XD and love it. We put the Crimson Trace Laser Grips on it. If you have any questions just give us a call.

    Michelle Pickett
    Harry Beckwith Gun Dealer and Indoor Pistol Range
    12120 S HWY 441 Micanopy

  7. The pitting issue is a big issue to me...... Have you heard of this happening to all of them? Have you spoke with S&W about this? And the mag issue kinda sucks too.....

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    no i have not heard of it affecting all of them, i just wasnt takin the proper steps to avoid the issue, i live in texas and the mosture here sucks ( like florda) so i just saw it as that, but i oil the gun on a regular basis and have solved the issue. also keepin it in a gun sock has worked as well. idk why the mags are actin up, but they feed just fine when shooting and have not had a ftf or anything.

  9. This is going to be my carry weapon so I can't keep it in a sock. I will be sure to wipe the slide down with a gun rag often now though.

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    i store my xd in a gun sock too, just at night then its right back on the hip. hope you enjoy your gun. i love mine.

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    Exclamation None of those sissy pistols for me.

    I'd pass on those sissy pistols and get yourself a Glock. To barrow a line fome Tommy Lee Jones.

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