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Thread: Smith and Wesson M&P .40 Compact vs. XD .40 SubCompact

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    Quote Originally Posted by angrypenguin View Post
    The S&W felt GREAT at the range and I shoot it very well. The XD did not feel as good in my hands, I did not shoot it though.
    You just answered your question. The best gun is the one that feels good to you and that your comfortable shooting. Personally I carry the tactical XD 40 daily, and have no problems. My wife has the SC XD40, and it just doesnt feel right to me. So, you like the S&W, thats your "perfect" gun.

    In my part of NV, we dont have the option of renting guns for a tryout........Yea, sucks to be us.
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    Been carrying the M&P40c all summer long. No issues. I wipe it down with a silicone cloth before I put it down to sleep. I carry the M&P45 for the fall and winter as it hides better with layers...

    Glocks are not the end-all be-all gun for me. Perhaps in time I'll buy one, but it's not a top priority. I chose the M&P for the better feel with the grip angle being more natural, great user reviews, and the fact that it's a supreme quality US made product.

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    I bought Springfield XD-9 and XD-45 and love both of them. You can buy a sub-compact or compact XD-9 or XD-40 for $399 at "" They are out of Ohio. If you have $539 to spend, go with the new XDM-40. You should check out the XDM you will be impressed, has lot to offer. They have 3 backstraps for grip like S&W.
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    I talked my brother into a 40C M&P (he's in florida). He didn't like the one I had in Cali, without the safety so he found one with a safety on it. That may work. We both buy by feel as well, so not trying to suggest either or. Go with your gut.

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    The wife has a few glocks, G26, G27, and G30 and she carries the 30 all the time. I myself dont like Glock as much because it doesnt fit my hands well. Ill stick with my 1911's. But I do own a XDM 40 and love shooting it. This past summer we were camping and I had it in my cargo pocket while walking down to the targets and it happend to fall out in a mud puddle without me knowing. Well after about 60 rounds later my brother walked down to chang the targets and found my XDM in the mud and was soaked and covered in mud. So i decided to see if it would still shoot. Shot 50 rounds through it like that and not one issue. So the XD to me is a dependable and sturdy gun and is accurate to boot. I have looked at the M&P 40c and I like the way it feels so when I buy another gun I will probably go with the M&P for awhile. You can always sell it if you end up not likeing it. Just my .02 cents.
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  7. I went through the Same process

    I recently just did some very extensive market research on both the M&P and the XD. I went to a local shop and began talking to the sales lady behind the counter. I do not consider myself an newbie when it comes to guns, but I wanted to ask others opinions and get some honest answers.

    She invited me to shoot both on the range and get a feel for both. (They have guns you can rent) I went back the next weekend and rented both guns and put 25 rounds through each. I did different types of shooting from aimed shooting to defensive shooting to get a feel for each. The lady told me that once I shot both, then only I would know which one was RIGHT for me. She couldn't have been more right. If you look online and talk to folks, people sing the praises of the M&P. I actually ended up going for the XD totally because of feel and comfort while shooting. I have nothing bad to say about the M&P. It was a great gun. It shot very well, and looks great too. The options it has are great as well, but for what I was looking for, the XD out performed.

    With all that said, the decision about which gun you want to buy is all up to YOU and only you. First you have to decide what you are buying the gun for. (CC, Target Shooting, Home Defense) Then I recommend if you have the chance to, go to the range and shoot both. Which ever one you feel more confident with and meets your needs in what you are looking for in a gun, is the one you should go with.

    Good Luck...

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    I own a M&P .45 and love it! Its one hell of a well built gun! Dont CC it much though, mainly use it for home protection or open carry when hiking but my main gun at the range cause it shoots so well.

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