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  • No, keep it as it is, optional and on the profile page.

    9 15.79%
  • Yes, but keep it an optional choice.

    34 59.65%
  • Yes, but make choosing a state required

    14 24.56%
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Thread: Showing State Location Under Username

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    Thumbs up good idea

    im all for it. great idea

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    Thumbs up Great Idea

    I am proud to call South Carolina home, so when do you start lol...........
    Glock Carrier in SC.


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    Excellent Idea!

    I voted yes on optional choice.

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    I voted yes for the optional choice. I do not see a need to require people to provide personal information. While I have no issue in disclosing the state I live in, I do live in a small town, and I do not want the location published. There is a good chance people would be able to figure out who I am and I do not want someone to walk up to my employer and say "do you know he carries a gun?" Obviously, the state alone provides very little personal info, I just don't think it should be required.

    Thanks for asking our opinion Luke. Obviously you are about making this site what we want. That is why it's the best site of this kind on the net. Thanks again for creating it.

    The only person available to protect you 24 hours a day is you.

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    I also voted optional

    but does it make sense having the state displayed as a default and the member will have to go into his account settings to change it?

    Joe from NY

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    I too say yes, but optional.
    Besides everyone knows how those whack-ohs in Texas feel about their state...
    Samurai - "...he that hath no sword, let him sell his garment, and buy one." Luke 22:36

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    New Orleans, LA
    I'm not really sure where my mind was at but we already have this! On the top right hand side of each post it shows Join Date and then under that Location. This shows whatever the user puts in the Location field in their profile. And it is optional.

  9. I like being from the "State of Discombobulation". :D

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