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    I found this site while Googling for information on concealed carry. I am in Arizona, and have a CCW since that state first authorized them, and was checking reciprocity in case I need to travel.

    I'm a retired Naval officer, (Lieutenant Commander) and am 74. Avid hunter and fisherman, and spend my summers in Northern Arizona where the weather is cool and the hunting/fishing is good, then move South near Phoenix to enjoy the mild winters.

    Hello to all.


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    Howdy old Bud, used to have a cyber bud by that same name--"that be you????". My daughter lives near Phoenix. She "loves" that triple digit heat all summer--lol.

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    Hello, and Welcome from the SC. shore...........
    Glock Carrier in SC.


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    Welcome from Sunny Florida. I am with you almost with the age thing 71 and still Fly fishing and shooting plus Golf twice a week. I have a Florida CC and a Pennsylvania non resident cc permit I can travel to all but a handful of states but not my home state of New York. Google can help you find the states you will be legal in.

  6. Thanks for the welcome, guys. Never been to the Carolinas, and tend to spend most of my travel time in the West.

    Take care, and stay well.


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    Welcome to the site from North Texas. Check our maps and states on traveling, you will find that Luke keeps them up to date.

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