Typical Anti/Pro-Gun discussion------funny video
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Thread: Typical Anti/Pro-Gun discussion------funny video

  1. Typical Anti/Pro-Gun discussion------funny video

    A short, 3 min video I made about how typical discussions go with an anti.

    Typical Anti/Pro-Gun Discussion

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    A short, 3 min video I made about how typical discussions go with an anti.

    Typical Anti/Pro-Gun Discussion
    A good video

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    Typical- true! I would like to see the rolls reversed. Have the male be the anti and the female convince him guns are not bad.
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    I love this. It's so true about the reasoning of the anti gun brain or lack of it.
    When she said "only the police should have guns" I laughed.
    My sister in law said the same exact thing. I asked her if guns were so bad why should the police even have them? Her answer fits the mindset of the anti's. She said "the police should have guns because they get the bad guys".
    I said soooo? She said " Because the bad guys have guns!" as she looked at me as if I had no clue. Well sure makes sense, that is if you don't actually think about it and just respond from a thoughtless emotional position.
    Next up was a comment from a HS teacher friend, she said...
    " I don't believe in the RTKBA! Society had gotten too big, we just don't need the 2A" Amazing isn't it?!

  6. HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

    Yep. Great example of complete emotionalism and lack of logic.

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