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    Can someone tell me when Kimber stopped making the Ultra Carry and began making the Ultra Cary II? I have a line on a MINT Ultra Carry with less than 300 rounds through her.

    I was just wondering how old this gun is. I am awaiting the serial number but did not even see a place to enquire on the Kimber America website.

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    The Ultra Carry II is just their new lawyer driven safety design known as the Swartz safety system.

    Every Kimber is now a "II" series with this safety. It is the safety that many do not like for it's inherent problematic inability to disengage during firing. The grip safety has to be depressed a certain way in some production pistols out of the box. Meaning it will not disengage the Swartz safety system if the grip safety is not pushed in in just a certain way.

    It's been a heated debate with 1911 afficiando's for some time.

    I'd say yours is the series 70 without the "dumb mans" safety. How old ? Don't know, but it is a better pistol than what Kimber produces today.
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