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  1. I went the pawn shop route to get the base gun for my house shotgun. I found the crappiest but still functional 12 gauge Remington 1100 within 50 miles of the house. It had camo duct tape on the wood that also covered up the split toe on the butt stock, a bulge in the barrel and the muzzle was out of round. It cost me $200 'out the door' (tax, NCIC background check, ... included) and I think the feller at the pawn shop thought he'd found a pilgrim to fleece. That was alright because all I really wanted was the receiver, bolt and mag tube, which -apart from a little rust on the sides of the receiver- were in great shape.

    After a detailed disassembly and cleaning that included the use of a half a case of Gun Scrubber and about 3 hours of chipping the built up powder residue out of the receiver because it had apparently NEVER been taken apart, I called Remington and ordered a new barrel (21" smoothbore slug barrel with rifle sights and choke tubes) and a new set of O-rings (the old ones were really ratty). Then I got a hold of Speedfeed and got one of their Speedfeed III stocks and called Surefire Technologies for one of their Responder forearms. While I had the phone and credit card out and warmed up, I got a hold of Scattergun Technologies, who were kind enough to sell me a 6 shot side saddle carrier and one of their mag extensions.

    For about $600 (and the single biggest cost was the Surefire Responder forearm- its' cost was more than the gun), I ended up with essentially the same thing as the Scattergun Technologies 1187 K-9 model but at half the costs. The ONLY differences are mine is an 1100 rather than an 11-87 that has has open sights rather than a ghost ring rear and everything except the parkerized mag extension is blued.

    That was over 10 years ago and I finally ended up using it this weekend- on a raccoon that was probably rabid. Two loads of Remington 2 3/4" #1 buckshot (one of the 16 ball loads that are on the market) surely makes a mess at 30 feet.

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    Well since we're on the subject, my daughter is 18 now and can get an FID card. She and the wife are alone when I go off to work. The wife will shoot a hand gun at the range with me but doesn't like it. My daughter on the other hand is quite a shot with rifle and pistol. I'm thinking SHE should be in charge of a gun when I'm away. I'm confident she's responsible enough and wouldn't hesitate to pull the trigger if she had to.

    I'm thinking the least complicated to use under pressure and while in fear, is a double barrel, 410 or 20 Ga. Any thoughts?
    I'm thinking that most of your family kicks a$$. (Excuse my French.) I am still partial to the Benelli, FWIW.

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    I got this a few months ago. Got .410 to make it a little more controlable for the wife. Holds (6) 000 buck for home defense.

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    I did just a little more to my 870 but I'd never let the wife or kid loose with it.
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    Probably the best would a 12 ga. pump with as high a capacity as possible. For years went with a Savage 12 ga pump until I gave it to my son.

    I now go with a 12 ga. S x S Coach Shotgun just because I like it. Defiantly a SCATTERGUN! I back it up with a Kel-Tec P11 or the wife's SP101.

    Go with what you LIKE and are PROFICIENT with and you will do ok.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OldOwl View Post
    I did just a little more to my 870 but I'd never let the wife or kid loose with it.
    That looks like a Motorolla GMRS radio right next to it.

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    I just picked up a used although never fired Winchester 1300 defender for 200 holds 7 2 3/4 or 5 3" shells. Seemed like a decent deal but I'm an impulse buyer kinda person so I dont do much shopping around. Seems like a nice gun.

  9. Mossberg 500 18 inch barrel # 1 buckshot sidesaddle ammo carrier and you're all set.

  10. I have a Maverick 88 (an economy Mossberg). I'm very pleased with it.
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    I think looking for a home defense shotgun opens up a whole range of possibilities for the "gunsmith" in all of us. Go to a gun show and buy something you can afford to "tinker" with and have at it! I started with a beater 16ga and did some work on it. Turned out nice for home defense but it won't win any prizes !! JMO....

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