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    Question Home Protection Shotguns

    I'm considering a shotgun for home protection. Weatherby has a new one (pa-489 I think) that looks good for the job. What would you consider for a home protection shotgun while looking to keep expense to a minimum? Thanks in advance for the dozens of opinions I know I will get.

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    Mossberg 500 w/ pistol grip ~$300
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    ****'s had a H & K 12 ga. pump, don't remember the model. I think it had a 18" barrel. Look great, priced great, was probably 20 Lbs empty. Way to heavy from my wife to handle.
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  5. I am in the same situation. But for a dual purpose. My wife is 5'2" and weighs 84# soaking wet. I want something that she can handle, without difficulty. Have shopped and shopped, and boiled it down to a Mossberg 500 20 gauge, Super Bantam, at a local gun shop, for $325. Oh, it's also camoflaged.

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    I use the Mossberg 930 spx with reduced loads and a tac light. It is a Semi auto so it would be easier to chamber for your wife. Although it doesn't have that bone chilling sound of a pump, it still gets the job done.
    I prefer the reduced loads for Home defense after reading that full loads tend to easily go through walls(see following article below). You can find the moss 930 (non spx) for $350 or less.

    The Box O' Truth #3 - The Shotgun Meets the Box O' Truth - Page 1

    Write up on the mossberg

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    i have a mossberg 500 a1 and use winchester ranger 00 buckshot. its a little long and heavy for my gf who's 5'2 to use, but she could use it in the right situation. it could help to get the pistol grip.. also stay away from birdshot unless going to the range. it doesnt do much for home situations. look into low recoil buckshot. takes the sting out of shooting it. my moss was about $250 or so 3 years ago.

    just my 0.2 cents. good luck

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    I keep an 870 pump 12 Ga with extended mag, 18.5" Mosberg barrel, and adjustable stock with pistol grip and a red dot scope and heat shield. I use it for home protection, hunting, and fishing. Conversion is inexpensive and easy.
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    I'd get a Taurus Judge or Public Defender and keep it loaded with Federal Premium PD .410 000 Buckshot. The Judge starts out around $475 and you can pick up the Public Defender starting at $340 (Both prices are from;

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    Ive got the judge and it is great for close quarters, but once you get past the magic 7yds, It becomes almost worthless. I have shot numerous shot loads at the range and at 10yds only about 3 pellets go on paper and those won't cause any major penetration. 410 is great for birds/small game, but doesn't have the stopping power for self defense. I would only consider carrying my judge in the car. You may say well use the 45 LC then. Well that brings up another point, why not just get an accurate 45cal compact? In my judge I do keep the first round 410 000 and the rest 45 LC.

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    Benelli Super Black Eagle with interchangable choke tubes, a shot gun for all ocations.

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