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Thread: Have you ever bought/sold anything off of Gunbroker.com?

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    I just received my wife's b'day present, an XD-40, last week. Super deal ($399.99 + $25.00 shipping), ultra-quick shipping considering my FFL delayed getting his info to the seller for a day and a half. I got the gun on Monday after having only ordered it the previous Tuesday, so I was very impressed.

    I also bought my Kel-Tec SU16 .223 rifle off of GunBroker. Pretty much the same experience, though that purchase was from a private party, not an FFL dealer, so I think the shipping took two or three days longer. But still, I have bought a ton of stuff on eBay, and have probably only gotten about 20% of my shipments as quick as 100% of my GB purchases.

    I have not, however, ever sold anything on GB. That will likely change shortly though. I've about decided to sell my S&W 4563 after going to the range yesterday with my wife and her new piece in tow, and she shot groups inside my groups all day long with her XD! I did too for the two mags she *allowed* me to shoot through it! Not positive I'll get an XD, but have pretty much made up my mind that it's time for the Smith to go.

    First post here BTW. Great site! Very informative. Take care.

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    That XD-40 sounds nice. I'm sure she'll like it.

    I plan on listing my Taurus PT-140 once I get my new CCW permit with my Glock 23 added.

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    Bought a Kel Tec Sub2K 9mm on gun broker a while back. Found out the seller was a ktog board member and we knew several members in common(small world). Transaction went perfect.He even put a rush shipment on it when he found that my ffl guy was going on vacation soon.
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    Yes, I have bought items on Gunbroker.com with good luck! A word of warning if there is a dutch auction only put in the min bid. If you put in a max even if the winning price is much lower you will have to pay your max. That part is different from other auction sites.

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    I bought a Marlin Camp carbine last month. It was a positive experience. I use the site for pricing quite often.

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    I have purchased accessories off of Gunbroker with no issues at all!
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    OK gonna check this out... just won my first bid on GunBroker.Com a few days ago. Will let you guys know how it works out.

  9. Thumbs up I like Gunbroker.com

    I have bought and sold items, including guns and gear. It's great for guns that you might not find locally, or for guns that aren't the norm. Colt 1903 Pocket 32 auto, S&W Model 12, etc. It's also a great place to look for unusual or old skool gear like holster and grips. Never had a bad experience and have been using gunbroker for about 4 years.:)

  10. Have you used Gunbroker.com?

    I've used them a couple of times and with very positive results, no issues at all so far.


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