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Thread: 3 year old shoots self in the head

  1. Very sad.

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    My 3 yr old son would not stay out of the cookies in the cookie jar. I moved them back on the counter. He got a chair and I found him eating them. I put them on top of the refrigerator and thought that was that. I walked into the kitchen and here he is..... sitting on top of the refrigerator eating cookies. There was NO WAY for him to get up there. To this day, I cannot figure out how he got up there, there was no path that he could climb, reach, etc. that I could see.

    He's 35 yrs old now, and even he can't figure it out.

    Secure your guns or have them on you.... period. Kids can do more than parents give them credit for.

    I also coached kids for 16 yrs in soccer and was a counselor for kids at one point. Believe me , parents always under-estimate the abilities and capacity of their kids.

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    Forest Gump comes to mind as in stupid is as stupid does. I am very carefull when my grandkids visit, I have all my guns locked in the safe and when the older ones want to learn to shoot they will get the full safety course before they go to the range.
    I'm real happy the child will live but what a tramautic event to have in his memory, hopefully it will fade in time.

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