3 year old shoots self in the head
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Thread: 3 year old shoots self in the head

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    3 year old shoots self in the head

    It is idiots like this that make it hard for the rest of us.

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    Stories like this always make me wonder. I am pretty sure a three year old could not manipulate the double action trigger pull of my carry gun. They possibly could a 1911 without the safety on, but still I wonder.

    The only person available to protect you 24 hours a day is you.

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    im pretty sure my 3 year old could manipulate the trigger on anything i have. thats the precise reason my firearms are kept on me or well and out of reach of little hands! I want to watch my munchkin grow up healthy without any extra holes.

  5. My 4 year old didn't have the finger strength to pull the trigger on one of those cheap wal-mart marlin 22s.... not that I would trust that.

  6. Thank God the three year old is going to survive.

    Something does really sound suspicious about this story though.

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    I'm not buying it. 4 years old. Sure, he could have pulled the trigger but something smells here. Refresh my memory: how old was Billy the Kid? Have you ever noticed that more often than not when kids are severely injured, beaten to death, etc. it's the boyfriend?
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    Yep. More here than meets the eye! Hopefully it'll all come out in the wash. (How's that for use of some old axioms?;)

  9. I donít buy it ether! Something here defiantly is not right.

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    I may have a gun lying out on my desk where I work all day. I also have my pistols stashed throughout the house but I live alone. I also make sure I pick anything up before someone comes over. When my daughter visits I will be locking everything other than what I am carrying on me in a closet. I did the same thing in my last house, one closet with a simple lock for all my guns. It was more to stop curious eyes than to stop burglars.

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    I've got a 3 year old. He does many things that his grandma and mommy said that he "couldn't" do. My firearms are either on me, directly in front of me, or locked up. The little one scolds me if I leave an empty holster out on the bed. I never assume that he "can't" do anything. He surprised grandma the other day when she asked him where daddy went. She thought the answer was going to be "Daddy went to work." The answer she got was "Daddy went to work shooting guns." :D She didn't realize that he figured out that my NRA instructor shirt and range bag means that daddy is off to teach a NRA pistol class. ;)

    If I have problems with the "child proof" pill bottles, I hand it to the little one and ask him to open it for me. Never fails.

    NEVER under estimate the abilities of a child!

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