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Thread: 25 Most Dangerous Neighborhoods

  1. And isn't Chicago restrictive with hand guns too? Arm the population, weed out the darwin winners by letting them kill themselves and watch that crime rate drop.

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    Atlanta managed to get 4 mentions... we're so proud... (and my mother still doesn't like that I carry)

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    I was surprised the area in Fort Worth came in 15 and not one area in Dallas made the list. Hardly a night goes by that there is not a killing, shooting, attack etc in Dallas. Perhaps it is just because it is spread all over Dallas and not it one spot.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nogods View Post
    But most of the top 25 worst neighborhoods are in gun-friendly states. Not one of them in NYC.
    Yea i saw that, thats a problem with these polls, they can and ARE minipulated to show whatever, I have ben thru NYC, Know a dude that used to live there, (Bronx) dam good thing nothing never happened cause no matter what you may have ben carrying it never seemed like enough

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    Quote Originally Posted by G50AE View Post
    How did I know that Chicago was on the top of that list? Sorry for the spoiler.
    Yeah, but 23 of the 25 are located in shall-issue states, which shows what I've been saying for a long time, that gun laws, by themselves, aren't a reliable indicator of how dangerous a neighborhood or city will be. These places are likely to have high rates of crime regardless of what the gun laws are, due to factors such as high levels of poverty and unemployment.
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    Interesting that the one KCMO area listed is in 64106. That zip includes a large part of downtown. I used to live in 64106 and although it wasn't the suburbs, and drunk panhandlers were a nuisance, I never felt unsafe. A bit to the south is is 64130, identified by the KC Star as the most dangerous zip code in KC. I WOULD walk down walnut anywhere in the area of say 14th, all the way to the river market, any time of day without particular concern. However, I would not walk the streets in 64130 and 64109 during the wee hours without trepidation.

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