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Thread: Buying bullet proof vests?

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    I will check out those places mentioned. Thanks! I don't know what prices to see but I was expecting good equipment to be around $700.
    That's about the starting point and upwards. The online pics do look good though. I seriously doubt anyone would really know you're wearing ballistic resistant clothing. I do like the jackets and would consider for the winter, but the prices kinda' make me think otherwise.

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    Two points that used to be posted on the second chance company website before when they were owned by Rick Davis.

    -Cops aren't dieing because their armor isn't good enough, they are dieing because they are not wearing armor. Wearability is everything.

    -If they see the armor, they'll shoot for your head. Concealability is very important.

    I think that these are both important points. Rick Davis is generally considered to be the inventor of modern balistic armor.

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    Bullet proof clothing is available, if you have enough money. The President wears them sometimes. Look at clothing made by Miguel Caballero, even have Polo Shirts that can protect you from a 44 mag, 357 mag or 9mm machine gun.

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