Buying bullet proof vests?
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Thread: Buying bullet proof vests?

  1. Buying bullet proof vests?

    I am considering this and would be looking for something of high quality and that can be worn daily while staying pretty concealed. Can you buy dragon skin vests anywhere? Any ideas?

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    Speaking as a former security officer who wore a vest to work every day, I'm here to tell you that there is no such thing as a "cofortable" bullet-resistant vest, especially in warm or hot weather. I'm no longer in the security business, and would not even consider wearing a vest as part of my everyday attire. Just wondering what has you so frightened that you feel you have to wear a vest? And let's not forget that in addition to being extremely uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time, a concealable kevlar vest won't protect you from rifle roundss or head shots.
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  4. I never asked for comfortable. I just said something that can be worn daily, I'm not looking for a 50lb flak vest. I'm not frightened.... Just never hurts to be prepared, you never know what type of situation you may find yourself in. Maybe you and many others see it as pointless and see no need for a vest but that's not my point of view.... It's pretty obvious that a vest wont protect me from a head shot. I'm also not looking for something to protect me from a .50 Barret.

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    Just do a search in the internet. I've them but don't know if you can buy one. I was in DC a while and the first day there someone broke in 12 Police cars and stole Vests and Rifles. I don't want one I'm slow enough now with bad knees and hips.

  6. A buddy of mine owns this online business: Disaster Preparedness Made Easy

    He sells a couple different types of vests.

  7. Large selection

    Go to Gall's Police supply web site and you will find a large selection of body armor at reasonable prices, and you can choose what level of protection you want. I have body armor in my vehicle but can barely stand to wear it for more than 4 hours at a time, unless it is very cold outside then it is not to bad. If you know someone who has a vest see if you can borrow it for a day and see how it feels after several hours of wear before spending a lot of money. Just my opinion.

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    Always a great idea! Try before you buy.
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    Body armor laws vary from state to state. Best to check your local laws before purchasing. There are numerous vendors online. Some models of soft body armor have a pocket where you can insert a "trauma pack" or "trauma plate", which would effectively increase the level of protection of your soft body armor to stop some rifle rounds.

    Go check out your local police supply store and see what they have locally. If their prices are high, you can order online. Be sure to carefully follow the sizing instructions. Each manufacturer has different methods for measuring. Failure to follow measuring instructions could result in an improperly fitted vest.

    Remember it's not "bullet proof", but "bullet resistant".

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  10. Could also consider bullet resistant clothing, but me thinks you'll be a little shocked at the prices.

  11. I will check out those places mentioned. Thanks! I don't know what prices to see but I was expecting good equipment to be around $700.

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