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Thread: Which one should I carry when I get my permit?

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    Of the choices you mentioned, I would advise the 357 in 3 or 4 in barrel, definatly don't go with the 2 inch snub, to tough to control for follow up shots, same go's for the 44 way to much recoil for good control in a stressful situation, if this is going to be a concealed carry weapon I would give thought to a compact 9mm auto, good power, conceals well, ammos cheap

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    Quote Originally Posted by OldOwl View Post
    You will figure it all out when you start to carry. I carry every day, and started out with a S&W .40. Now I pack a Walther P22 with Stinger ammo. I can get off ten rounds with it in the same time I shoot 2 with the .40 and in a tighter group. Of course with the .40 you only need one good shot. This debate goes on forever and there is no answer. It's a matter of preference.

    I still carry the .40 once in a while when working in neighborhoods where I know I'd be outgunned with the Walther, or when I'm in bear country. They tend to shrug off .22's.
    When she first got her CCW my wife carryed a P-22 with stingers and I will say if she got even a close bead on you with it, you'y had it you were going to get several small holes but thats the problem if the BG was a about 6.5, 350 lbs or so what do you think a bunch of 22 slugs are going to do, sereously piss him off, unless, you got a good head shot, or somewhere else he values more

  4. Good luck 1st off!
    I carry a 1911 45acp but that's me. Think I'll get something a little..well in the sub-compact 40/45 range.
    Just makes a little more sence to me, less likely to print,easier draw..Good luck with your choice, ET

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rocketgeezer View Post
    Of the choices you mentioned, I would advise the 357 in 3 or 4 in barrel, definatly don't go with the 2 inch snub, to tough to control for follow up shots, same go's for the 44 way to much recoil for good control in a stressful situation, if this is going to be a concealed carry weapon I would give thought to a compact 9mm auto, good power, conceals well, ammos cheap
    Depends on how much your willing to spend on a gun. If you have 1G+ to spend, I like the new S&W M&P .357 snub made of scadium (frame) with laser.
    I belive Rocketgeezer and I are "old school" and look at snub nose wheel guns as "belly guns". Good for close defence only.
    At my age "over 40" when you need cheeters to read, most (all) low profile fixed sights on carry guns are a joke. Unless the BG waits for you to find your glasses.
    I carry a .357 Taurus with 4" barrel. I put a dab of bright orange sight paint on front sight. I shoot at the range, without glasses (cheeters) aiming off the front sight. I practice drawing with two, three round bursts, shooting double action.
    The heavier gun with longer barrel makes for a nicer range gun. The heavier gun has less recoil. The longer barrel will be more accurate and capable of shooting a longer distance more accurately.The trigger weight means a lot at the range, but not so much when your being threatend by a BG and the adrenaline is flowing. In fact a light trigger may just go bang accidentally in that situation. I prefer a 4-8# trigger on my carry gun.

    Go to a range where you can rent guns and try them. My range charges $7 for first gun and $2.50 for any after that. I like to shoot the gun before I buy it and decide what I like. Like everything out there (including guns), one mans junk is another mans treasure. If it's every mans junk you know it's crap...

    Good Luck Deciding



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    Old Owl post # 10, very good. As you get months and years into CCW, your ideas will change.

    ME? 30 years carrying 1911 45acp concealed 24/7. Now carrying a full size and I am just average build.

    Most important=

    80% of your concealment is ATTITUDE, which equates to body language/ and competence with your weapon.
    Some people just radiate "hey I'm nervous about carrying my gun." especially to a trained officer.

    10% is clothes and holster. Don't get on the "fancier is better" bandwagon. Use simple, thin, lightweight, easy to draw........ and practice its use.
    I use IWB rough out flap with a belt clip that can't pull off. REHOLSTERING is moot. You aren't pulling your weapon except to use it, so who cares how long it takes to reholster.
    Also, don't switch carry types from day to day or clothes to clothes. One day you will reach for a shoulder holster that isn't there. (THINK)

    Stop playing with your weapon.

    10% is the weapon. Use the largest caliber that you can competently use. Get trained and stay trained.

    If you like revolvers, consider a concealed hammer double action only. They are easier to defend in court, AND they won't snag on clothes.

    MOST IMPORTANT= THIS IS NOT THE MOVIES. You die here, you don't get to come back in the next flick.

    An eyeball hit with a .22 is better than a miss with a 44 magnum. You may quote me on that.
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  7. If you LOVE the snubbie get a smaller frame gun. I carry a S&W 340 in 357 mag. It fits in my jeans front pocket with a small sleeve type holster. THE most important thing is to find a gun that fits your hand well. If it doesn't fit you won't enjoy shooting it. If you do not enjoy shooting it, you will not shoot it well.

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    Like most on the forum, I have a safe full of handguns. I prefer to carry a smaller, lighter caliber like 38 SPL +P on a J-frame. You don't need a cannon.

    Just my $0.02 worth.

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    I agree with Lowjiber... You don't need a hand cannon (But only you can decide that), I mostly carry a Rossi 46102 loaded with .38 +P rds. The gun handles .357 mags great, but .38's are cheaper and get the job done quite well. My bug is my TCP loaded with Buffalo Bore .380 JHP +P loads.
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  10. Which One Should I Carry?

    I agree with the others, as far as carrying the largest caliber you are comfortable with and can be the most proficient with. When I first went into uniform. we were restricted to .38/.357 revolvers, with .38 spl ammo and dump pouches. I saw the van the Tyson gang tried running our roadblock in and saw the dimples made by our ammo. (Halt, or I'll scratch up your paint.") Finally, the department allowed us to carry an automatic as long as we purchased a holster that maximized retention. (A revolver that any idiot can pick up and fire, we got a leather bag to carry it in, while a weapon that required some thinking had to be locked up in a safe that slowed our presentation of the weapon to a crawl.) I bought and carried an S&W 4506. After I left the department, they issued every deputy a Beretta 92. Big gun, little bullets. Right now, I carry a Springfield Armory XD-45with a spare mag, for 27 rounds of ammo, in the event of a serious social engagement. I am hoping to replace it soon with the XDM-40, with the 3.8-inch match barrel. It will fit the holster I wear now, and will be easier to conceal, while still giving me the punch I will need if someone needs to be shot. Good luck, and let us know what you decide to carry.
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    i have a jimenez 9mm i need too know if it is a good handgun to have and carry and if not why?

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